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Noemi Gonzales, Author at Hemp Market Report

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesMarch 3, 2020


 While the growth of both medical and legal recreational marijuana use is exciting to see there has been one particular problem that many people have begun to notice with the industry. The marijuana industry has a waste problem.

What is meant by that remark is that many modern cannabis products are packaged in copious amounts of non-recyclable plastic. Whether in bags, containers, vials, and more we are seeing way too much pollution and trash generated by an industry that should be far more eco-friendly.

That’s where Sana Packaging comes into play. Sana Packaging is a US-based company that focuses on creating eco-friendly packaging Solutions for the cannabis industry.

-The Products-

The Sana packaging products are made from 100% reclaimed ocean plastic, plant-based hemp plastics, and other renewable materials. The kinds of products available are as follows:

  • Tubes
  • Stash jars with screw-top lids
  • Hemp container boxes

There is a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of each of the above-mentioned products. The packaging products themselves look sharp and appear durable so that you can take comfort knowing that your goods are protected and that you are not contributing to the plastic waste problem that plagues the Cannabis industry.

-What Exactly is in These Products?-

The Pressed hemp paperboard product is comprised of 75% post-consumer recycled paper and 25%. The reclaimed ocean plastic products are made of 100% HDPE plastic and very simple to recycle. The hemp plastic products are composed of a chemical-free fiber-reinforced biocomposite plant-based hemp and PLA.

All of these products are 100% biodegradable and do not contribute to the plastic waste issue that currently plagues the marijuana industry.

 -The Origin of Sana Packaging-

Founders James Eichner and Ron Basak-Smith connected with each other during their time at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2015. The two founders connected with each other through a variety of interests, hobbies, and a very similar world view.

They did not form Sana Packaging until 2016 after winning a pitch competition. Ron and James took Sana Packaging full-time in May of 2017 and went on to become the first 100% plant-based hemp plastic packaging solution across the marijuana industry. Sana Packaging is currently based in Los Angeles, California, and Denver, Colorado.

The growth and social acceptance of cannabis-related businesses is indeed amazing but it is also important to protect the Earth and do business ethically as this industry grows.


Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJanuary 27, 2020


What a fantastic time to be alive! Back in my day, your choices for consuming cannabis we’re rather limited. People were not even talking about consuming CBD yet back then.

These days we are downright spoiled when it comes to different flavors, strains, concentrates, and different devices that allow us to imbibe THC and/or CBD.

Let’s talk about one of my new favorite vaporizers and why it has impressed me so much.

-About the Airvape X-

My journey to find a vaporizer that allowed me to get solid rips led me to discover the Airvape X.

The Airvape X is awesome for a variety of reasons but one of its facets really stood out to me. The ability to vaporize various oils, concentrates and even loose leaf is very appealing. Not needing a plethora of devices is very nice.

The convection and conduction combination technology that the air vape utilizes for the heating process takes about 20 seconds. The device will vibrate after the 20 seconds are up to let you know that it is heated up to your desired temperature and then after the heating period of 2 minutes has cool down it will vibrate again to let you know that it has turned off.

The 1.3 inch LED display allows you to keep track of the temperature and the battery level. You can adjust the temperature higher or lower depending on how thick of hits you prefer.

The concentrate stone allows you to use various liquids or oil concentrates in the Airvape X. It also comes with a few different screens to use. Refill screens are available via the Airvape website.

There are cleaning tools included in the Airvape X kit when you purchase it and the design makes it fairly simple to clean and maintain.

-What I Love about the Airvape X-

No more smoking! No more ashes! No more smoke smell!

With a higher temperature setting one may receive the big, milky rips that us classic consumers have come to love. Part of what drove me away from other vaporizing devices was the fact that the device felt like it was hitting too weak for me to enjoy.

The size of the Airvape X allows it to fit very comfortably in a pocket which makes it great for travel and outdoor activities.

We have been utilizing the Airvape X for over 2 years now, every day, multiple times a day. The battery still seems to work just fine. There has been a small degree of deterioration on one of the inner seals but it has not affected the performance of the device whatsoever.

-The Downsides-

Let’s review some of the less-than-stellar aspects of the Airvape X.

The battery life can be a challenge for heavy users. You can usually get three to five bowls, depending on the temperature setting, before needing to recharge the device.

The chamber size is somewhat small, so again, heavy users might find themselves slightly displeased with this.

I’m not wild about the rubber mouthpiece they use but that is optional to take on or off, we use it without the mouthpiece.


But wait, there’s more!

This is one of my absolute favorite aspects of utilizing the Airvape X. The vaporized cannabis loose leaf is not reduced to ash as it is when you smoke it. Instead of throwing the vaporized herbs into the trash, you can save them and further extract THC from them by making homemade ganja butter with the remaining vaporized flower.

This means more bang for your buck as you are not literally burning up all of your flower and are able to double-dip, so to speak. This process allows you to maintain a consistent flow of homemade ganja butter without having to incur any additional expenditures.

It’s great with green tea and cinnamon!


The few minor flaws with the Airvape X are greatly outweighed by the many positive aspects of the vaporizer.

The change from smoking to purely vaporizing has a noticeable impact on the health of your lungs.

Strong rips, easy to clean, does not take long to charge, and we are happy campers over here.

When our own Airvape X unit dies out from our daily use then we plan to replace it with another considering how great it has been to have.

Check out this video of the Airvape being used so you can see for yourself how it works:

You can also get your own Airvape X here:




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