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Tee Corley, Author at Hemp Market Report

Tee CorleyMay 14, 2021


Company: Cure Crate


Products: Monthly Subscription Box, $58/month


What Makes This Brand Unique: With so many CBD brands and products sprouting up overnight, Sean and Aly, the creators of Cure Crate, wanted an option to test and review multiple products without emptying their wallets. The result? Cure Crate: a monthly subscription box that offers 4-5 CBD products for only $58 per month (or less for 3 or 6-month subscriptions!).


Each product is hand-selected by Sean and Aly each month to ensure you get a healthy mix of options. These products are meant to target a specific ailment.


The idea is that CBD is not a one-size-fits-all cure. Suspicious of brands that claimed their CBD product was the solution to inflammation, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, gut health, etc, Cure Crate provides subscribers with options for specific conditions.


Let’s get into the reviews so you can see what we mean.

Cure Crate Monthly Subscription Box – $58/month

Our Cure Crate came in a fittingly earthy green with black and white line drawings of hemp leaves inside. Reminiscent of a high-end tote, we were already impressed with the presentation.


Inside were 3 types of CBD topicals by TheraOne, complete with a cute leather toiletry clutch, full spectrum CBD softgels from Nuleaf, Dr Norm’s peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and Sleepy Bear gummies. That’s a lot of value for one box!

Sleepy Bear Gummies

We were very impressed with these berry blue Sleepy Bear CBD gummies. Better than regular old gummy bears, these little blue bears are coated in a layer of sweet, crunchy sugar. They taste delicious and with 10mg of melatonin, CBD and CBN, they’re sure to gently coax you into sleep. The only problem? It’s tempting to eat more than one!

NuLeaf Soft Gels – 30mg/soft gel

Full-spectrum, lab tested, and vegan-friendly? It almost sounds too good to be true! Fortunately, the fact is that NuLeaf is a high-quality CBD brand. No short cuts here. Instead, you get verified CBD packaged in a discreet, light-proof plastic bottle. It could easily be mistaken by prying eyes as a bottle of aspirin. With virtually no taste and no smell, these soft gels are perfect for people who want the calming effects of CBD without the stigma of hemp.

Dr. Norm’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Like the gummy bears, we found it extremely difficult to eat just one of these. Like Famous Amos’ mini chocolate chip cookies in shape and taste, Dr Norm’s differs as they’re spiked with peanut butter and calming CBD. I highly recommend taking these tasties on a hiking trip or a plane ride as they make for a discreet and delicious snack.

TheraOne Topical Trio

TheraOne’s products have the same aesthetic and clean design you’d expect from major established beauty brands like Revlon or Neutragena. And the quality of the topicals is equally as impressive.


First, we tried Recover. A thin, absorbent lotion, it came out a surprising lime green! With overtones of mint, lemon, and eucalyptus, this lotion will transport you to a tropical island spa. 


Activate, the pre-workout version, stimulates the body and mind with clove, peppermint, lavender, and black pepper. It also seems to relax the joints for more limber movement during activities.


Finally, if you have a joint or muscle cramp that just won’t calm down, spot treat it with the CBD balm stick. It works like a miniature stick of deodorant so you can target the pain with ease.


Each topical contains 300mg of full-spectrum, lab-tested CBD per bottle. Moreover, each product is USDA-certified organic.

The Takeaway

If you’re on a journey to discover the very best CBD products for any facet of your life, we highly recommend signing up for the Cure Crate subscription box. The value of each box exceeds the mere $58 price tag. And a portion of their proceeds goes toward helping free inmates with only cannabis charges. So it’s a good cause, too!

Tee CorleyMarch 22, 2021


Company: Paw CBD




What Makes This Brand Unique: It’s no secret that CBD oil offers relaxation, stress-relief, and pain-relief in humans. But if you’re like us, you’re probably wondering about the benefits and options of CBD products for your furry friends.

Leading the pack is Paw CBD, a pet-centered off-shoot of the hugely popular brand CBDmd. Inspired by the results CBD has on people, Paw CBD blossomed into a resource for pet owners with hyper, anxious, and arthritic animals.

Using only USA-grown, broad-spectrum, third party tested, ISO-certified hemp, Paw CBD is doing more than repackaging CBD oil for fur babies. Their lines of THC-free CBD pet products are veterinarian-formulated and expertly designed to entice and soothe your pet.

Choose from a wide variety of strengths, formulae, and flavors devoid of artificial ingredients and low-quality fillers to ensure the best results for your pet.

Paw CBD kindly sent us two samples: baked cheese CBD dog treats and CBD soft chews for cats in chicken and catnip flavor. Here are our thoughts.

CBD Soft Chews for Cats: Chicken and Catnip (2mg/piece)

These CBD soft chews for cats came in an easy-to-open small round tub. They come in two doses, and I was sent the 300mg per container strength.

As I unpacked the sample box, the mild scent of catnip and chicken woke the monsters from their slumber. My two girls, a calico queen named Boudica and a frumpy brown goofball called Pooka, were immediately intrigued.

Being in their early years, I don’t normally use CBD with my cats. However, Boudica gets anxious when the neighbors upstairs stomp around, and Pooka will continue being hyperactive even after she’s played so much that she’s panting like a dog. So with Paw CBD and my vet’s assurance that small doses of CBD are safe for cats, I figured I’d give it a shot.

As I opened the tub, I found small beige cylinders of soft chicken and catnip deliciousness. Pooka, being food motivated and (kinda) trained, quickly sat for her treat, eyes wide and eager. Unfortunately, grumpy Boudica tends to have a violent reaction to catnip and started swatting at Pooka. Boudica, a very picky eater, licked her treat, but was getting so aggressive defending it from Pooka that I removed her from the room.

Pooka gobbled up her treat quickly. She was still playful and did not appear to be experiencing any ill effect. At the end of her laser pointer session, she cuddled up with me on the couch and purred until she fell asleep. She seemed to be enjoying a sense of calm and increased well-being.


The takeaway: All pets are different! Reassured that these CBD soft treats were safe and specially formulated for cats, I let my two fluff-balls have a treat each. Boudica reacted strongly to the catnip and did not get to experience the CBD at all. Notably, she’s very picky. In the future, I will try giving her a drop of Paw CBD’s natural CBD oil tincture for cats in her food. Pooka, on the other hand, absolutely loved the chicken and catnip flavor and prefers being rewarded with treats. She had a positive, playful, and relaxing experience with these CBD softchews. In other words, Paw CBD has options for every cat.

Baked Cheese CBD Dog Treats (10mg/piece)

While I don’t have a dog, when I received these treats, I immediately knew whose dogs I could test them on.

My friend has two wild pitbulls named Gus and Piglet. Gus is old and arthritic. He is clearly in pain jumping on the couch to hang out with me. He’s also been known to threaten strangers with a bark or nip. Piglet, on the other hand, is young and crazy. She’s not exactly aggressive, except when it comes to love. She loves to jump on and French kiss unwilling guests.

After reading Paw CBD’s information about CBD benefits for pets, I was curious to see if these CBD dog treats would help Gus with his aggression and chronic pain, and Piglet with her hyperactivity.

The sound and look of the packaging opening quickly alerted these guard dogs. Honestly, these baked cheese treats look and smell a lot like Cheeze-Its. Yum! With human-grade ingredients, I was tempted to try one, but being in the public eye, I refrained.

Instead, I gave each dog two pieces in accordance with guidelines provided about how much CBD to give dogs based on their body weight. Both dogs clearly loved the taste and continued to beg for more (and I made two best friends!).

It’s hard to say whether Piglet’s calm, loving demeanor that night was due to the CBD or the fact I’d given her tasty treats, but I was surprised to actually get through a whole movie without my friend yelling, “Piglet! Down!” every few minutes.

Gus, a bit of a potato already, settled in on the couch with me, too. This is common for the old man, but what surprised me was that while I idly petted him, he rolled over. For the first time since I met him, he was asking me for belly rubs. He’s not very affectionate normally, so I was quite touched. And I believe his ability to do that, that increased mobility, was thanks to the pain relief provided by the CBD treats.


The takeaway: CBD treats appear to be effective in managing hyperactivity, chronic pain and inflammation, and aggression to some degree in dogs. Every dog is different and has different needs. But a naturally delicious treat with CBD seems to improve the well-being of the dog, regardless of his or her ailments. Always check with your veterinarian before adding a new supplement to your pets’ diet.

Tee CorleyMarch 15, 2021


Company: Rhythm


What Makes This Brand Unique: Founded in San Francisco by entrepreneur and musician Ian Monat, Rhythm presents itself as a beverage experience, complete with a premium CBD seltzer for every time of day.

Crafted with US-grown broad-spectrum hemp extract, each seltzer is mixed with all-natural flavors, concentrated green tea extract in the caffeinated seltzer, melatonin in the sleepy time seltzer, and natural stimulants like turmeric and ginger for their soothing seltzer.

For us, Rhythm was an effective alternative to alcoholic beverages. A healthier way to “take a chill pill,” Rhythm leaves drinkers with a better flavor, milder effect, decreased risk for over-indulgence, and no hangover.

Rhythm Recover Lemon Ginger CBD-Infused Seltzer (15mg/seltzer) Review

We got to sample Rhythm Recover, a lemon and ginger flavored CBD-infused seltzer. Arriving in skinny, tall cans reminiscent of hard seltzers, the simple splash of color on the otherwise shiny silver can instantly made my mouth water.

With the sharp crack and sizzling sound of a freshly opened can, the refreshing lemon and ginger fragrances delighted my senses. And lo and behold, it had the flavor to match. Tangy, sweet, and fizzy, this is the perfect virgin CBD cocktail to bring on the boat or to a backyard barbeque. It’s especially refreshing after a hard workout.

With 15mg of CBD, you’d have to drink quite a bit of seltzer to have a negative experience. Instead, the perfectly dosed portions make it easy to hydrate, relax, and recover.


Check out more flavors, like Rhythm Awake Energizing Seltzer and Dream Sleepy Time Seltzer too.

Tee CorleyMarch 1, 2021


Company: Blue Forest Farms


What Makes This Brand Unique: Blue Forest Farms, which refers lovingly to itself as BFF, is a CBD focused wellness brand based out of Colorado. Not sounding so unique yet?

Get this: each of BFF’s products is colored and numbered to signal a spot on the spectrum between CBD isolate (#1) to whole plant extract (#5). With this unique system, customers know what type of CBD is used in each formula at a glance. Furthermore, users can be sure to find a CBD product that suits almost every ailment they encounter in daily life.


Blue Forest Farms sits on 200 acres of premium land in Longmont, Colorado. The brand’s manufacturing process is one of transparency and third party lab testing. Ultimately, this brand strives for excellence in the hemp industry, and so far, so good.

Coast to Coast Relief Lotion (1000mg/4oz) Review

The very first ingredient in BFF’s Coast to Coast lotion is whole plant hemp extract, making it a #5. This non-GMO, lab tested, organic hemp has been suggested to reduce inflammation and relieve muscle aches.


However, the best aspect of this soothing lotion in our view is that it feels instantly moisturizing. The formula, crafted with nourishing coconut oil derivatives and moisturizing glycerin, goes on smooth without any sticky residue left over.


The aromatherapeutic blend of invigorating essential oils, including lemon peel, is subtle enough to be quite enjoyable, but strong enough to replace your scented body mist.


Our verdict: This is an excellent lotion by any lotion’s standards, and the addition of whole plant hemp extract is a welcome dose of relief.

Broadway Balm (400mg/2oz) Review

The second item we reviewed is rated #2; the Broadway Balm is broad spectrum, but completely THC-free. In other words, you get more endocannabinoids than with a CBD isolate, but never have to worry about passing a drug test (if that’s a concern in your state).


An irresistible cocktail of moisturizing coconut oil, broad spectrum CBD, skin-protecting beeswax, and a pleasant minty smell, this balm has become our new go-to for sore joints and dry, cracked skin.


Our verdict: This balm has everything you’d want in a muscle rub – and nothing you don’t.

Inspire Lemon CBDv Drops (600mg/30ml) Review

Lemon lovers, look out! Arguably the best tasting CBD tincture we’ve enjoyed yet, this zesty #4 (CBDv) is an advanced formula designed to help you experience a boost of energy, focus, or even as a natural appetite suppressant.


Enjoy all the terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential fatty acids and nutrients you’ve come to expect from premium CBD brands one dropper-full at a time. 


Our verdict: These absolutely delicious drops are a splendid way to start your day.

Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Soft Gels (750mg/30ct) Review

Soft gels are the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t like even a hint of hempy flavor in their CBD products. The robust, deep amber softgels are concocted with CBD formula #5, aka the tree of life, aka full spectrum whole plant CBD. That means you get the complete entourage effect of all the cannabinoids, which join forces, so to speak, to improve the calming effects of hemp.


Our verdict: We’d choose these softgels for bedtime, long road trips, and stressful situations.

Organic CBD Face Serum (300mg/2oz) Review

Numero uno means: CBD isolate. This face serum is rated a #1 because it contains only pure CBD without any additional cannabinoids, least of all THC.


But what makes this CBD face serum extra special is the entirety of the thoughtful formula. With a non-comedogenic (not pore clogging) base carrier oil, namely jojoba oil, and additional anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, frankincense, and myrrh, there’s no doubt that BFF’s face serum just added itself to our morning and nightly skincare routines.


Our verdict: For those who enjoy an earthy fragrance, this skin-protecting face serum will help you get back to your natural roots.

Tee CorleyOctober 28, 2020


Company: Eossi Beauty


What Makes This Brand Unique: Remember at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when all the gurus and life coaches were on social media telling us, “Now’s the time to work on your side hustle”?

Rochonne Sanchez and Shannon Kaygi, cofounders of Eossi, actually did that. Born in May 2020, Eossi Beauty, a CBD beauty brand, launched its first product: Facial Glow Oil (1000mg CBD).

During a time of shared trauma, uncertainty, and a total lack of luxuries (like toilet paper), these two spunky women joined forces to form a brand that could deliver healing and a sense of elegance to its matrons.

Eossi is dedicated to pure and natural ingredients, transparency, and philanthropy. A portion of the proceeds of every product sold is set aside to support nonprofits that the founders feel are making a meaningful difference. Currently, the purchase of one bottle of Facial Glow Oil provides 8 meals to families in need.

For the transparency portion, you can get the stats on what’s in your Glow Facial Oil by using these instructions to read the third-party lab testing report for your batch.

Facial Glow Oil #8 (1000mg/50ml) Review

This facial oil came to us in a black and gold box. Elegantly packaged like a fine perfume, the rectangular semi-transparent thick black glass bottle immediately caught our eye. Gold letters read Eossi up the side.

You’d fully expect to see this kind of design on a 10 story ad in Times Square; a black and white image of a supermodel holding a bottle of Eossi #8; the gold lettering on the bottle is the only color shining through.

So already, before even trying the product, we’re impressed. Clearly, Sanchez and Kaygi are targeting a feeling: pure decadence.

Simple, skin-loving ingredients pack this oil full of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants. The carrier oil, non-comedogenic Moroccan argan oil, holds grapeseed oil, soothing rosehip oil, moisturizing coconut oil, vitamin E, 20mg of CBD per dropper, and the natural fragrances of frankincense, myrrh, and jasmine.

Many of these natural oils have been shown to have antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties that benefit your skin barrier, reduce signs of aging, and may help fight acne. CBD is also thought to have skin-healing effects without clogging pores.

But how did #8 perform?

We started with just 3-5 drops on our fingertips and then began gentling patting and swiping the oil in an upward motion on our neck and faces.

The oil went on light and absorbed quickly, which many facial oils claim to do, but end up leaving you feeling greasy. Not so with Eossi. Instead, we did feel a sort of glow as this natural dew added a healthful shine to our smiling cheeks.

Testers agreed that our skin felt moisturized and protected, making us realize how papery and dry our skin was before.

And what’s more, it certainly helped us feel better mentally to enjoy a little luxury and healing in these very odd times.

Tee CorleyOctober 23, 2020


Company: Green Roads



What Makes This Brand Unique: Started in 2013 by a compounding pharmacist named Laura Fuentes and one of her family friends turned patients, Arby Barosso, Green Roads has been an industry leader since the beginning.

Based out of Florida where restrictions were and are still strict, Green Roads cut through all the red tape. In fact, they’ve acted (and been awarded) as advocates for those suffering from ailments that are treatable by CBD and worked hard to get them into the hands of those patients.

Unlike a traditional retail pharmacy, compounding pharmacies must adhere to strict sanitation practices, regularly working under laminar flow hoods to eliminating microscopic contamination of whatever concoction their compounding. Medicines can include ointments and creams, powders meant for capsules and tablets, and medicines delivered via IV bags. Pureness and quality are not marketing terms here – they’re requirements.

It’s with this attitude Laura and Arby have paved the road green. And the evidence is in the products. Green Roads sent us four products to sample and we can’t wait to tell you all about them.

CBD Nightly Dose, Sweet Sleep (25mg/packet, 12/pack) Review

First of all, we love the Green Roads packaging. All these products came to us in a verdant green box with the Green Roads logo on top. We opened it to find four deep blue boxes professionally designed with crescent moons and fluffy clouds.

It was about that time that we realized we were sampling their Sleep Line collection. With long hours of work ahead of us plus stress about the future of this currently wild world, all we could think was, “This is awesome.”

The first box we opened contained 12 individually packaged units of 25mg broad-spectrum CBD and CBN oil. Imagine those individually packed sports drink powder mixes that come in a small, long tube or wider pixie stick.

In other words, the packaging is perfect for travel and discretion. Simply rip off the top and let the tasty blueberry oil pour under your tongue.

For experienced users like us, pure CBD may not be enough to put you to sleep. No worries. With 2.5mg of natural melatonin, you’ll fall asleep easily and sleep deeply through the night. We experienced absolutely no grogginess in the morning.

We absolutely love the delivery system and the relaxing effect of these Sweet Sleep CBD oil packets. In fact, it absolutely beats the somewhat shadiness of measuring out a tincture with a dropper. It’s as if the pharmacist took care of all the mad scientist stuff to ensure we get what we need off the shelf with discretion.

Sleepy Zs CBD Gummies (25mg/gummy, 30ct) Review

If we can get anything in gummy form, we do. That goes for multivitamins, movie theater candy, and of course, CBD. What can we say, we’re a bunch of big kids!

Just be sure not to get carried away munching on the impressively delicious blackberry CBD gummies with 5mg of melatonin. One of our staff assumed, without reading the packaging (which is perfectly well-labeled), that the dosage was 2 gummies per night. She reported sleeping extremely well but said she didn’t want to get up in the morning. “It wasn’t grogginess,” she clarified. “I was just extremely relaxed and comfortable.”

Green Roads sent these circular purple gummies in a wide-mouth plastic jar (30 count) as well as in a 2-serving resealable sample pack (2 count). Again, not having to worry about dosing correctly is a big boon, and both containers look indistinguishable from other sleep aids high-end sleep aids. In other words, the packaging looks enticing and fresh without giving off that fun but dated hippie-dippie vibes.

In case you didn’t get the message from our description, we absolutely love and would recommend this product.

CBD Sleep Capsules (25mg/capsule, 30ct) Review

So you don’t like sweets and you just want to sleep. Enter CBD sleep capsules. Packed into a small, wide-mouth plastic jar, each white capsule is about the size and shape of a Mike ‘n’ Ike. 

These CBD capsules contain 25mg of CBD isolate instead of full or broad spectrum CBD. While broad spectrum CBD contains 0.0% THC, isolate goes even further by eliminating terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoid compounds.

These are perfect for restless souls who don’t react well to the “entourage effect.” Each capsule also contains 5mg of melatonin. These are excellent for first-timers and those wary of trying CBD.

Tee CorleyOctober 21, 2020


Company: Ojai Energetics


What Makes This Brand Unique: Ojai Energetics does it different. Sure, you could say that about most CBD brands as they try to carve out a name for themselves in an exploding market. But Ojai can say it for sure.

Ojai puts people over profits. A health and wellness brand dedicated to scientifically-driven research and development with their nutraceuticals, Ojai is absolutely not your run-of-the-mill CBD brand. Their full spectrum hemp elixir is not just another private label CBD tincture – it can’t really be defined as a tincture at all.

But we’ll get back to that.

Located in Ojai, California, this company takes special care to build relationships with farmers and manufacturers that share their values: sustainability, giving back to the community, easy and affordable access for all, and corporate responsibility. They even run their servers with wind power!

Yes, Ojai Energetics walks the walks. Now let’s take a look at the fruits of their labor.

Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir (250mg/30ml) Review

Let’s start with a review of what we foolishly assumed would be ‘just another tincture.’

Placed in a perfectly sized cardboard tube with care, this 30ml dark amber bottle was more or less unremarkable. Uniform packaging across the products suggests professionalism. Beige, green, and berry purple labels recall images of California vineyards.

And like a fine wine, this elixir has a strong and defined flavor. The aroma is earthy overall, but notes of sweet honey, bitter moringa, nuts and rich molasses send your taste buds on a wild ride.

Most interestingly, Ojai Energetics actually recommends you base your dosing on the flavor. Simply take a ¼ ml (a quarter dropperful) under your tongue repeatedly until the flavor moves from bitter to sweet.

There is an alternate first-time dosing recommendation, however. Because the flavor was so strong, we opted to take 3 dropperfuls. With 20x more bioavailability than more processed tinctures, we felt 3 dropperfuls within minutes.

While this elixir is an acquired taste, its results are exactly what CBD claims to be: calming, stress-reducing, relaxing.

Fortunately, you can also mix it into hot or cold beverages (tea is a match made in heaven) because it’s not your average tincture.

CBD Coconut Oil (5oz) Review

Move over, olive oil! Our new favorite cooking oil has earned a permanent spot in our pantry. There are 60mg in each 5oz jar of coconut oil; the perfect supplement to your everyday dosing.

But what really had us over the moon was how incredibly well coconut oil and hemp flower extract and hemp seed oil. This creamy, tropical taste mixed dreamily into smoothies and fruit cocktails and complemented fish, tofu, and Indian chicken dishes.

It’s clear that Ojai cares about the quality of all its ingredients as this coconut oil is raw, virgin, and cold expelled. In other words, it’s loaded with nutrients and healthy fats that your body needs.

Full Spectrum Sport Gel Review

Finally, we arrive at Ojai Energetics’ sport gel. Think of it like drug store hot and cold gel but without any crazy chemicals.

All-natural ingredients provide the tingling sensation, namely: black pepper extract, peppermint and wintergreen oils, and a touch of rosemary, cypress, and clove to open the airways. The sensory waterfall amplifies the effects of the sport gel by relaxing the whole body-mind continuum instead of targeting a small physical area.

The gel goes on silky and wet but dries quickly, especially when therapeutically massaged into the affected area. Unlike some green CBD lotions and gels, Ojai’s left no green smears. All the essential oils and virgin coconut oil blended into this medicinal mix left our skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

As with the products above, this full spectrum sport gel is free of corn, soy, gluten, and GMOs. All the ingredients are ethically grown and harvested. This matters to us as shady CBD companies come and go.

But we have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear from high quality, compassionate brand like Ojai Energetics.

Tee CorleySeptember 17, 2020


Company: Harvey’s All Naturals



What Makes This Brand Unique: Harvey’s All Naturals was founded in 2015 by, well, Harvey! Born and educated in Massachusetts, Harvey relocated to a patch of land in Colorado after receiving his BS in Mechanical Engineering from UMass Amherst. That’s where he began farming hemp.

Harvey doesn’t do it like the other up-and-coming farmers of his time. He’s devoted to 100% natural and organic farming practices. That means swapping out pesticides for over 20,000 species of anti-pest insects and beneficial microorganisms for insect and disease control.

It also means not “farming out” his services to large-scale commercial farms that simply don’t have the capacity to grow hemp to Harvey’s standards. Instead, Harvey partners with other local small farms in Colorado so he can ensure the highest quality chemical-free CBD hemp.

We got to sample Harvey’s CBD tincture and healing salve. Let’s see how they performed.

Harvey’s CBD Elixir (500mg, 15ml) Review

What makes this brand so cool is its simplicity. It’s the story of a humble engineer-turned-farmer in the serene mountains of Colorado. This very chill vibe is reflected in the elegant minimalistic design shared across Harvey’s products.

The CBD elixir came to me in a small amber bottle, perfect for tossing in my backpack and hitting the road. A glossy white label displays Harvey’s mountain logo, giving this little medicine bottle an old-timey feel.

Why such a tiny bottle for the price of a typical 30ml bottle? It’s no rip-off. This CBD tincture is just highly concentrated. Instead of taking a dropperful, you only need 4 – 8 drops per dose.

Harvey’s accomplishes this by cold processing their hemp. The company grows for terpenes and collects all the secondary cannabinoids that come with them. After cold processing, a technique that loses fewer cannabinoids than other methods of extraction, the full spectrum concentrate is infused with grapeseed oil to improve bioavailability.

The lack of harsh chemicals in the farming and manufacturing of Harvey’s means you get all the good without the bad. However, it also means you can taste all the good, and that’s a pretty strong flavor. Fortunately, the hempy earthy taste is mitigated by the fact that you’ll only be taking 4 – 8 drops. After 30 – 90 seconds, the bitterness is gone.

As for the effects, we found Harvey’s to be among the most effective CBD tinctures for stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Perhaps thanks to the extreme concentration of this tincture, the stress reduction was noticeable almost instantly, like a sudden change of perspective.

We recommend Harvey’s for people who travel and need relief fast, but not for people who can’t stand the taste of hemp.

Harvey’s CBD Healing Salve (500mg, 30ml) Review

Harvey’s full spectrum healing salve arrived in an adorable yet modern one ounce amber jar. With a black plastic lid, Harvey’s white labels on the top and sides are another example of Harvey’s simple yet striking package design.

With a twist of the wrist, we opened the jar to find a yellow waxy looking substance. As soon as we touched the salve, it seemed to magically melt into a thin oil, emitting floral and herbal scents.

Fortunately, Harvey’s never uses dyes or artificial fragrances as these can contain harmful chemicals. Instead, the salve is the natural color of its base ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil, and of course full spectrum hemp flower oil with 500mg of CBD. And it gets its scent and mild tingling sensation from all-natural lavender and peppermint essential oils.

Those aren’t just the highlights of the ingredients list; that’s the whole thing! This moisturizing salve uses CBD and lavender to calm the body and mind. Coconut oil and olive oil help keep skin hydrated and nourished and beeswax locks the ingredients in so they can help you heal.

We use this wonderful salve for inflammation, arthritis, joint pain, rheumatism, muscle tension, sports injuries, and even as a hand lotion for dry, chapped skin.

Tee CorleySeptember 15, 2020


Company: Jupiter


What Makes This Brand Unique: Jupiter sets themselves apart from other CBD brands with their commitment to quality and intentionality. In other words, every decision the Jupiter team makes is to better the quality of their hemp and the environment.

Fortunately, these two values go hand-in-hand. Grown on a single family farm in the USA, Jupiter’s hemp is manufactured in small batches using simple organic ingredients. They never use any fillers, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives.

In fact, this USDA certified organic product is packaged in BPA-free glass bottles complete with 100% recyclable packaging.

And as far as quality goes, they’ve got that down, too. Not content to process the whole plant like other CBD brands, Jupiter only uses the flowers which contain the highest CBD and terpene content of the plant. Each batch is lab-tested three times and the results are easily accessible.

So, how did we enjoy Jupiter’s CBD oil? Read on for the details.

Jupiter’s Mint Organic CBD Drops (450mg/30ml) Review

Currently, Jupiter only sells this mint CBD oil, so you can be sure they’re putting all their love and effort into each delightful bottle.

Jupiter’s colors are as galactic as its name: calming dark blue and a playful teal representing the refreshing mint taste. Sure enough, this color scheme is reflected across all of Jupiter’s branding, even the inside of the box!

The cool blue label contrasted against the teal sustainable packaging that prominently displayed the amber bottle. What can we say? We believe in dazzling unboxing experiences!

But the effects of this product are far more important. Whether you’re looking for a daytime refresher or a nighttime de-stresser, we believe Jupiter is perfect for everyone and anyone.

We highly recommend this particular strength for first time users. The dosage is just enough to help us relax without putting us to sleep. Furthermore, there is absolutely no trace of hemp flavor in this tincture. The mint flavor is light and natural – not too strong by any means.

The Takeaway

Jupiter puts all their cash and energy into ensuring their one and only product is everything it can and should be: organic, tasty and effective.

Perhaps that’s why there’s no need to niche down further. Jupiter’s CBD drops cover all your bases: from stress and anxiety to a general feeling of well being. If you’re still unsure, you can buy a sample. Also, know that Jupiter offers a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee with free returns.

Tee CorleySeptember 10, 2020


On August 20th, 2020, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) proposed new rules for hemp and CBD to ensure they are fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill legalized commercial cultivation and sale of hemp, but that left the DEA in a grey area. While the DEA says they’ve been in compliance with the new rules since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, these new rules clarify what the DEA feels is within their jurisdiction.

The new rules will:

  • Revise the definition of THC and cannabis extracts under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) to exclude legal hemp and its family of products
  • Remove CBD-based drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from Schedule V, the federal list of controlled substances
  • Remove restrictions on importing and exporting legal hemp and its derivatives

Legal hemp is defined as cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Hemp and CBD have recently revolutionized the health and wellness industry, and the FDA-appoved hemp-based anti-seizure medication Epidiolex has laid the groundwork for further study on the health benefits of cannabinoids.

So, what do these new rules mean for the global hemp market? We sat down with Brandon Beatty, the longest-standing CEO of a CBD company at Bluebird Botanicals who also sits on the Board of the US Hemp Roundtable, to get some clarification.

How will the DEA’s new rules affect the global hemp market?

Beatty points to the third rule, the removal of restrictions on importing and exporting legal hemp, as the main factor to consider.

This rule provides clear guidance around the importation and exportation of legal hemp, which Beatty hopes will open the borders to a more global market.

“I believe various nations look to the USA when it comes to policies like this,” he explains. “Hopefully, it would set a positive precedent.”

Over the next few years, Beatty believes that the global hemp industry could double or triple in worth if other nations decide to play ball.

Are there negative implications written in the proposed rules?

Beatty points out that there is one negative effect of the new rules that needs to be sorted out. The DEA is suggesting a new definition of the term “marihuana extract” that could affect the legality of CBD extraction.

“During the manufacturing process,” explains Beatty, “THC in hemp extracts often temporarily exceeds .3%, which was common knowledge and accounted for by Congress when stating that the .3% THC amount is to be calculated on a dry weight basis.”

Beatty explains that dry weights are currently calculated with the starting and finishing materials, not during intermediary extraction steps. Should this definition be accepted, the results could be devastating for the CBD-hemp industry.

Why the DEA and not Congress?

It’s a fair question. If hemp and CBD are no longer controlled substances, then why is the DEA still involved?

“I don’t think the DEA should be the ones providing this import/export guidance as Congress intended to remove the DEA from the hemp conversation,” Beatty opines.

That’s why Beatty does not blieve these new rules will influence the conversation of marijuana legalization. “That’s up to Congress, not the DEA.”

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