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Tee CorleyTee CorleyJuly 22, 2020


Company: Lifted Made


What Makes This Brand Unique: Lifted Made is a premium hemp brand with humble beginnings. CEO Nicholas Warrender started with big dreams in a little room crafting easy-to-consume CBD products in 2015.

Today, Lifted Made is a subsidiary of Acquired Sales Co., a massive publicly traded company collecting and investing in the best brands in the hemp industry.

Warrender credits his tremendous progress over the past 5 years to the creative innovators with whom he works. Together, the team at Lifted Made strives to provide consumers with wellness boosting cannabinoid products at a reasonable price point.

In a press release Warrender stated, “Everyone wants to be healthy and stay healthy, especially in today’s environment.” It was this idea on which Lifted Made is founded.

URB Delta-8 THC Tincture Nano Drops

Lifted Made’s latest addition to their incredible variety of hemp products, URB delta-8 drops offer a fresh take on a cannabinoid you’ve been unknowingly consuming.

What is delta-8 THC? Think of it as the love child of CBD and delta-9 THC (the cannabinoid that gets you “high”).

Delta-8 is found in small quantities in hemp plants. It’s actually a derivative of CBD. The main difference between delta-8 and “regular” THC is that delta-8 acts and feels more akin to CBD, relaxing your mind and body without the high that comes with delta-9.

So, why not just take CBD? CBD works with your endocannabinoid system by binding to your brain’s C2 receptors. THC binds to your C1 receptors. Delta-8 THC appears to bind to both.

The result is the best of both worlds: a total mind-body calming experience that you can feel (but not too much).

Let’s Mango Delta-8 Nano Drops Review

Now that we’ve got your interest peaked, we’ll let you in on our experience with this newfangled but increasingly popular delta-8 THC.

Upon opening the box, we were surprised to see a hot pink opaque liquid contained inside a sea-glass matte bottle. We’re used to the traditional amber glass with a dark dropper, but Lifted Made’s design alone brings out the lighter side of life.

With a large, white dropper and lime green labeling, this product screams, “Summer Vibes!”

And rightfully so. These drops come in Go Grape, Orange Dream and Let’s Mango. The color and texture of a melted mango smoothie, Let’s Mango’s taste is as bursting with vibrance as it looks.

In fact, the flavor is so strong, we recommend adding a dropperful to juice, smoothies, seltzers, energy drinks, pre-workout mixes or whatever beverage (or even cereal) could use a fruity boost.

While most CBD tinctures need to absorb under your tongue, Lifted Made’s nano technology ensures increased bioavailability during digestion.

The beauty is that the choice is yours. The smell, taste and look of the packaging are discreet enough to pass as a liquid vitamin supplement. There is no detectable hemp flavor or scent.

You may be wondering why we suggest taking delta-8 nano drops in energy drinks and pre-workout sports drinks. The answer is in the effect.

We found that delta-8 THC reduced anxiety like a cascade of warmth washing over our bodies. Because delta-8 doesn’t make you feel “high,” it’s the perfect on-the-go stress reliever.

Energy drinks and delta-9 THC often come with uncomfortable side effects like a racing heart, the inability to take a deep breath and general tension and anxiety.

From our experience, delta-8 THC nano drops not only eliminated those symptoms, they also added an overall sense of well-being. A bike ride or scenic run felt like a new experience: one filled with a sense of gratitude for the moment, the ability to use our bodies without pain, and a heightened awareness of the open air streaming past our faces.

Suffering from insomnia? The most prominent effects of delta-8 THC we noticed was the release from bodily tension. In fact, beware of getting “velcro-butt” (getting stuck to your couch) from too much relaxation. A nightly dose of these drops will have you melting into your bed.

URB Delta-8 THC drops contain 11mg of delta-8 THC, 3mg of delta-9 THC, and 0.5mg of CBN per 1ml dropperful. Fortunately for those of you in states where THC is prohibited, the amount of delta-9 THC is below the legal limit. Instead of getting you high, it complements the effects of delta-8 THC and additional cannabinoids.

Overall, we certainly recommend exploring the brave new world of delta-8 THC, and the quality of these drops make Lifted Made’s nano drops a great place to start.

Tee CorleyTee CorleyJuly 9, 2020


Company: Radio


What Makes This Brand Unique: Radio is an up-and-coming wellness-centered lifestyle brand. For Radio, CBD is but one element of a well-rounded supplement of organic herbs and extracts. Their ultimate goal is to make CBD and other natural ingredients more accessible and consumable (read: tastier!) for all.

The packaging design stands out first and foremost: elegant yet electric. Across all Radio’s products, the cardboard box housing the goodness inside looks like a box that would hold an old amplifier vacuum tube or DIY electronics component. It’s even sealed with copper-colored tape emulating the circuit board of an old school radio.

We can only speculate as to their intention, but based on their desire to incorporate nature into your system, it feels clear: the design lets consumers know that their powerful products seamlessly sync up with your body’s natural processes.

Radio products are manufactured in sunny Southern California. Radio has a clear focus on high quality, organic ingredients with 0% THC (see their lab results for each lot here); tastier, more digestible wellness products; and accessibility via payment plans and discreet shipping and packaging.

We sampled two products designed to support your body’s energy production and your brain’s concentration. Let’s jump in and see how these products performed.

Lazer Focus CBD Tincture: Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg) Review

In an effort to find a non-narcotic focus enhancer, we decided to give Radio’s Lazer Focus CBD tincture a try. Lazer Focus is a CBD tincture with 0.0% THC. In other words, it won’t give you that distracted, lethargic feeling of a marijuana high.

Instead, you’ll find this tincture is chock full of organic herbal extracts believed to improve concentration and boost energy. Mood-elevating citrus, black pepper, hops, pine, and jasmine perk you up before work. Lab-tested hemp oil extract balances this energizing concoction with calming terpenes, CBD, and flavonoids.

The result? Lazer Focus, of course! Just 1-2ml doses of Lazer Focus helped our team de-stress and tune in. Matched with the invigorating flavor of orange and hibiscus, this tincture is sure to turn your lights on.

In fact, this product helped us realize many of our internal distractions come from stress. How can we do our best work with the weight of the world on our minds? To make matters worse, stimulants like controlled ADHD medications and caffeine often worsen our stress. Lazer Focus eases us into a productive flow without any anxiety or crash.

After an extensive trial and evaluation of Radio’s Lazer Focus, we’d certainly recommend it for efficacy, innovation, and taste.

Foresight Capsules Review

Foresight capsules is a supplement packed with vitamins that boost energy and encourage focus. A vibrant blend of organic herbs and nootropics, these cognitive enhancing capsules are designed to gently promote mental focus and concentration.

Radio recommends taking two capsules per day, and we are inclined to agree. This dose packs 4,000% Daily Value of vitamin B12, the vitamin responsible for energy production at the cellular level. You’ll also benefit from 500% DV of vitamin D3, which many American adults are deficient in.

But the secret sauce is in the nootropics – a term referring to supplements that enhance mental function. Herbal nootropics in this blend include bacopa, alpinia galanga, ashwagandha, alpha-GPC, L-theanine, and black pepper extract. All of these natural herbs and vitamins are supposed to have mood lifting and cognitive enhancing effects.

Foresight capsules are ideal for those of us looking to perform our best at work, home, and play. Subtle yet meaningful, these capsules are a fantastic alternative to addicted stimulants without the painful side effects.

Julie AitchesonJulie AitchesonJune 29, 2020


Prior to giving Wana Brands’ Wana Wellness Quick line a test drive, I had the opportunity to speak with Mike Hennessy, Wana Brands Director of Innovation, and Dr. Christopher Shade, CEO of Quicksilver Scientific on their collaboration to bring this cost-effective, maximally potent, and botanically-enhanced CBD tincture to market. Wana Brands’ Quick line of CBD tinctures uses advanced nanoemulsion technology that dramatically enhances absorption and bioavailability, and botanical extracts selected to act as “assistants” to specific cannabinoids in an entourage effect, to offer what Hennessy and Shade believe put their CBD tinctures at the front of the pack.

Using botanical extracts to enhance the therapeutic effects of CBD and other cannabinoids is not an innovation exclusive to Wana Brands or Quicksilver, but Dr. Shade is eager to point out that Quicksilver Scientific is the market leader in developing enhanced nanoemulsified products whose efficacy is backed by data and in-house measuring devices that few if any other companies possess.  “Some companies use “nano” as a buzzword but are not getting the particles small enough,” Mike Hennessy confirms. “One hundred nanometers is the established definition, but almost no one has the ability to measure that apart from us.”

Advanced Nanoemulsion

According to Dr. Shade, Quicksilver’s mastery of advanced nanoemulsion effectively accomplishes what so many other products merely pay lip service to, in the form of a tincture whose therapeutic effect can be felt within mere minutes of ingestion with at least six times the bioavailability of other CBD formulas. “And by including botanical extracts with similar effects to the strains used,” he adds, “you increase the number of receptor sites in the body that can receive the effect.”

To better grasp the significance of “nanoemulsions” and “receptor sites”, I tried out the Wana Wellness “Relax” formula, which in addition to delivering 13mg of hemp and 10mg of CBD per bottle comes enhanced with 5-HTP, GABA, L-Theanine, skullcap, and rose essential oil for what Dr. Shade characterizes as a “purifying and calming effect.” 

The formula comes in a pump bottle, with each dose requiring four pumps. I found the delivery method a bit messy until I worked out that I needed to put the nozzle nearly in my mouth and depress the pump quickly and firmly. The taste was sweet verging on cloying, with a slight bitter aftertaste common to CBD tinctures. Though I’ve sampled dozens of formulations, this was my first experience with “advanced nanoemulsion technology”, and the difference was noticeable. I felt a pleasant lassitude within five minutes, with attendant muscle relaxation and a quieting of mental chatter. As I continued to use the product, the effects persisted, so much so that I began keeping it by my bed rather than on my kitchen counter, so quickly did the relaxation kick in.  

Quicksilver Scientifics and Wana Brands intend to continue developing out the union between cannabinoids and their botanical counterparts, which will include developing THC products for dispensaries. As far as this satisfied customer is concerned, that is welcome news indeed.

Julie AitchesonJulie AitchesonJune 18, 2020


CBD brand Elixinol’s claim of making “kind of amazing CBD products that work” is enticing without being truly hyperbolic—a claim that I recently investigated myself by sampling their “Stress Less” and “Body Comfort” capsules, as well as their “Daily Balance” tincture. 

Before trying the products from this Colorado-based company, I visited Elixinol’s website to learn a little bit more about them. In addition to an “Education” tab which led me to a helpful breakdown of FAQ’s with appealing graphics, the website specifies that their products are made from hemp grown within the USA, and that all partners are carefully vetted to meet Elixinol’s high standards of quality. Nothing groundbreaking there, but what is new is the growing trend towards pairing cannabinoids with botanical extracts in order to enhance targeted formulas. 

Elixinol’s “Stress Less” capsules contain 300mg of Ashwagandha, a root popular in Ayurveda for helping the body adapt and remain resilient under stress, and their “Body Comfort” capsules contain 275mg of Boswellia (the resin also called “frankincense”), which is a known anti-inflammatory. As someone with a fair amount of herbal training, I was excited to try these botanically-enhanced capsules and see if they produced noticeably different results from the 100% CBD products I’ve sampled. 

With the “Stress Less” formula, I did notice an enhanced capacity to maintain a sense of calm focus, and an ability to simply sit and enjoy a quiet moment rather than racing off to the next task. Falling asleep at night was also slightly less effortful. I exercise vigorously five or six times a week which can often lead to stiffness and soreness, especially after sedentary hours at my writing desk, so I was hopeful about the effects of the “Body Comfort” formula. While I can’t say that I noticed anything significantly different from the calm relaxation of the “Stress Less” formula (my neck pain persisted, as did the aches and pains when I hit the HIIT a little too hard), the overall sense of well-being was still most welcome.  

The “Daily Balance” tincture had a pleasant minty flavor and the light nuttiness of MCT oil that I prefer in my CBD extracts. At half a dropper (8mg) per recommended dose, I was able to take this one twice daily without fear that I would feel too sluggish or chilled out to tackle my to-do list. The effects were subtle beyond my ability to detect, but when paired with a dose of the capsules in the evening did seem to result in sounder, more restorative sleep. 

Overall I felt good about the ingredients and provenance of these products and happy with the results. At $54.99 per bottle of 60 capsules, which would last 30 days if taken per recommendations, the price point is a bit high for me to re-stock my medicine cabinet with this every month. I’d be more likely to pop for an ounce of tincture at $29.99, but with the capsules’ “botanical boost”, I’d say consumers are still getting their money’s worth.

Tee CorleyTee CorleyMay 15, 2020


Company: Rogue Origin



What Makes This Brand Unique: Out of a humble plot of land in Rogue Valley, Oregon came Rogue Origin CBD Hemp. A combination of fertile soil, a conducive microclimate, and the entrepreneurial spirit of an old soul led the founders to cultivate premium quality smokable CBD flower. The team’s ultimate goal is to provide an all-natural alternative to prescription drugs, tobacco, and marijuana.

Rogue Origin is grown at the Rogue Family Farm in Southern Oregon. They specialize in high-CBD hemp flower (selling either prerolls or whole smokable flower) with excellent genetics and transparent lab tests.

These plants are grown to be rich in flavor. Rogue Origin hang-dries the full plant for a slow cure that locks in aroma and flavor while maximizing cannabinoid production. Rogue Origin grows 100% natural hemp, stating it’s always free from chemicals or additives.

A word of caution if you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes by switching to Rogue Origin’s prerolls: these pre-rolled hemp cigarettes are large, cone-shaped, and impressive. While among Rogue Origin’s stated intentions is to release tobacco smokers from nicotine addiction, these prerolled joints look just like that: joints.

This isn’t problematic for smokers in more accepting environments. However, if marijuana isn’t legal in your state, we wouldn’t recommend smoking these prerolls in public as they look and smell like marijuana cigarettes.

Hawaiian Haze Prerolls (Pack of 7)

As for Hawaiian Haze, we greatly enjoyed these oversize prerolls. Packing 13.9% of CBD, we instantly felt the impact of these smokes. One preroll burns for approximately 10 minutes, so they’re great to share with friends. There’s something nostalgic about sitting around and chatting with some pals while passing around a perfectly rolled hemp cigarette.

These prerolls burn evenly. After trying several, we have yet to find one that canoes. They’re packed with well-ground buds for the smoothest hit and the silkiest smoke. Each preroll comes with a conical filter for the perfect, coolest hit.

Hawaiian Haze has an earthy base with tropical highlights. The dichotomy of old earth and fresh fruit are analogous to the effect, which is energizing yet calming. Half a preroll seemed like more than enough to calm the body and relax the mind.

Bubba Kush x Remedy Prerolls (Pack of 7)

Classic Bubba Kush is crossed with the relaxing, floral notes of Remedy to create a fruity yet earthy taste, and a level of relaxation that lasts all day (or at least for a solid 4 hours). In uniform with the Hawaiian Haze prerolls, these prerolls are beautiful cones with a half-inch filter and a fat, evenly distributed bulk of ground flower.

Bubba Kush x Remedy smokes pack a respectable 11.6% CBD, making it a perfect way to de-stress in the afternoon. This combination won’t put you to sleep, so you can keep up with your day.

Lifter CBD Flower

Of all the CBD flower we sampled for Rogue Origin, Lifter is our favorite. Perhaps it’s the name that lifts the mood, or the high CBD content at an astounding 15%. It could even be the fact that we received a single bud that weighed an eighth of an ounce. Who are we kidding? It’s absolutely all of these reasons.

Upon opening the black, resealable bag of flower, we were instantly hit with a rush of herbal notes, like thyme and rosemary were having a party with lemon and lime.

The bud is deep green with trails of long, orange tendrils wrapping around itself. Still soft from the curing process, this bud ground up easily. Lifter allows for a slow burn thanks to its density, meaning it should last you a while.

Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

Sour Space Candy is quite the name to live up to, and unfortunately, this bud fell short. While its light green and orange buds certainly catch the eye, the aesthetic only increased our expectations.

Sour Space Candy burned excellently and was super smooth to hit. It even tasted pretty good. However, it wasn’t very sour or sweet. Any tangy notes were overshadowed by the earthy, hempy taste of the bud.

At 11.3% CBD, this is a great smoke for any time of day. It simply takes the edge off without putting you to sleep.

Bubba Kush CBD Flower

Meet Bubba Kush in its tastiest form. Rogue Origin protected all the flavor when growing this THC-light version of a classic strain.


Expect a slow burn from these big buds. With hints of purple flower, this strain packs a delicious, sweet flavor punch from a smooth, cool smoke.


Bubba Kush CBD flower is sure to bring a chill vibe and total relaxation. We like this strain right before bed because it’s low CBD content provides just enough comfort to sleep without activating your mind.

Julie AitchesonJulie AitchesonApril 20, 2020


Company: Her Royal Hempress

Product: Absolute Glow Face Serum

Founder: Emma Spivey

Emma Spivey’s fondest childhood memories consist of the family matriarchs passing on their horticultural wisdom. Yearning to her roots, Spivey returned to Texas after close to a decade as an agency copywriter in NYC to learn plant medicine and herbalism firsthand. A new mom to an active toddler, Emma creates products that she trusts for her family, combining her passion for CBD and the botanicals she’s learned over the decades.


As a woman in her mid-forties who passed large chunks of her life near the equator (and equal portions sprawled on rooftops, marinated in tanning oil), I take my skincare regimen very seriously. My skin is combination tending towards dry, but I am not one of those dermatological divas who thinks nothing of slathering layers of toxic pharmaceuticals on her face to sip a few lingering drops from the fountain of youth. I like my skincare products clean, cost-effective, and multi-purpose when possible, but those who expound the virtues of facial serum (a lightweight moisturizer often applied under a heavier moisturizer, sunscreen, or make-up primer) are legion, so I was game to give Absolute Glow Face Serum a try.

Her Royal Hempress specializes in cannabidiol-infused skincare products made with small-batch blends of CBD and botanical ingredients. Their products are all paraben, sulfate, formaldehyde, artificial color, and petroleum-free, and Her Royal Hempress sources from only four hemp farms to ensure purity and potency. The company’s founder is momtrepreneur and herbalist Emma Spivey, who comes from a long line of gardeners and possesses a new mothers’ commitment to creating products that won’t compromise the health of her family or her consumers. A portion of the company’s proceeds goes towards preserving and creating wildflower habitat for butterflies and bees, which rounds out Her Royal Hempress’ profile as a boutique company with lofty, eco-conscious goals.

As for the serum, I found the texture a bit heavy and waxy upon initial application, but was pleased with the eventual absorption and added hydration before applying my go-to daily moisturizer. I did not care for the scent, which faintly recalled Play-Doh, but did see some improved clarity to my skin tone by the time I finished the 1 oz. bottle. This may be due to Vitamin C or hyaluronic acid listed as two of the products’ key ingredients. At $60 per ounce, Absolute Glow Face Serum reflects the cost and quality of its raw ingredients, but I may need to try another bottle before committing to a longer-term investment in this latest addition to the flourishing field of CBD skincare.



Tee CorleyTee CorleyApril 16, 2020


Company: dreamt

Product: Dreamt Vaporizer Pen

Price: $57

What makes this brand unique: Dreamt is dedicated solely to making sure that when your head hits the pillow, you get a restful sleep. As opposed to other cannabis brands with innumerable formulations and products, dreamt sticks with their vape pen, a tincture, and a shot, all to be consumed at bedtime.

Started by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, a chemist with a focus on cannabis, dreamt is a women-owned company. Mitchell was named an “Outstanding Woman in Cannabis” by Dope Magazine, and her vape pen won “Best New Product” at Weedcon 2020.

Keep an eye on dreamt. Judging by the quality of this product, this brand is definitely an up-and-comer. With that said, let’s jump into the review.

Our Dreamt Vaporizer Pen Review

First and foremost, this product does contain THC. It’s currently only available at California dispensaries.

The dreamt vape pen contains a 2.5:1 THC to CBD ratio. With 400mg of THC, this pen is good for between 30 to 45 days, depending on how much you puff. To ensure a good night’s rest, this product is layered with valerian root and melatonin, too.

The Design

This vape pen came to us in packaging reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The tube-shaped box holds the pen securely in an upright position. The soft matte finish depicts a quiet night bespeckled with shiny gold stars.

Its simple yet thoughtful nighttime mural is echoed again on the pen itself, fading from deep navy to denim blue. The tip of the pen is embossed in gold with an orange light that, when the pen is hit, lights up a crescent moon.

The Experience

That thoughtfulness doesn’t stop with the design team. It’s clear to us that the lab team did its research with cannabis strains. After all, there’s a good reason this vape pen belongs on your night stand.

While dreamt doesn’t disclose exactly what strains they use, you can expect a heady high immediately followed by an intense body high. Essentially, you’ll be distracted by the calming stress relief in your mind long enough to feel each muscle in your body relax and feel heavier. In fact, it was hard for us to keep our eyes open after just 20 minutes!

Dreamt suggests users hit the vape for 2-3 seconds, and we found this was plenty. If you’re a regular cannabis user, consider hitting it a second time to receive the full effect.

Since using dreamt’s vape pen, we’ve become total converts. This perfect herbal blend uses cannabis and terpenes to lull you to sleep, and melatonin and valerian roots to keep you there. We did not experience any grogginess the next morning, like you might with other sleep aids.

The Flavor & Aroma

One of the loveliest aspects about this vape pen is the flavor. Dreamt uses calming lavender (and perhaps a hint of citrus) to add an extra layer of relaxation. If you read our Harbor Hemp CBD Massage Oil review, you know that lavender and citrus are among our favorite scents.

Overall, the taste and smell of cannabis is so mild, you may not even notice it. On top of that, the smell dissipates quickly, making it the perfect option for discreet cannabis users.

The Cons

There are very few cons with this vape pen and we encourage you to try it for yourself.

The first con was that it was clogged upon arrival. Dreamt’s website states that it’s common for vape pens to clog, especially when stored upside down. With a couple strong inhales, the clog came loose and hasn’t been an issue since.

The second con is that even with a short 2-3 second pull, this pen is a little bit harsh. It resulted in minor coughing after a hit. This may not be an issue for regular users, however.


If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, we highly recommend you try dreamt’s Vape Pen. From the taste to the full body experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Julie AitchesonJulie AitchesonApril 10, 2020


Product Review: Peak Extracts

Thanks to the unexpected exigencies of my new 100% work-from-home lifestyle and the daily stressors of living through a pandemic, the tension in my neck and shoulders have achieved code red status. Hours hunched over a keyboard, cringing while listening to the news, and dragging myself through yet another online workout have all taken their toll.

Fortunately for me, Peak Extracts’ line of pain-relieving Rescue Rubs (which include two 125 mg formulas- one CBD and the other CBDa with 100% Hawaiian hemp, as well as a 175 mg formula) have a silky consistency that absorbs well without a greasy finish. Each rub emits a citrusy, herbaceous scent that perfectly masks hemp’s trademark musty odor. The ingredients list is all-natural, without any confusing additives, and the company’s manufacturing process shows a commitment to sustainable practices. But does this stuff work?

With oils such as lavender, lemongrass, cinnamon, and bergamot in Peak Extract’s trademark 12-herb blend, their line of Rescue Rubs provide an aromatherapeutic experience in addition to an analgesic one. I’ve been applying these rubs individually throughout the day up to an hour or so before bed and the achy, frozen feeling in my neck and shoulders has significantly reduced.

The 175 mg formula seems to take effect the fastest and last the longest, but I have experienced some degree of relief with all of them. I have even taken to keeping the jars of Rescue Rub by my computer, on my bathroom counter, and on my nightstand to help me remember to use them consistently. Peak Extracts’ Rescue Rubs absorb the fastest and smell the best of any I’ve tried thus far, and as long as I remember to reapply every four hours or so, I am virtually pain-free. I couldn’t have happened upon them at a better time.

The Peak Extract Story

Kate and Katie started Peak in 2014, but by then Katie had already been a medical patient for nearly ten years, and had been making Single-Strain Chocolates to control symptoms of her Crohn’s disease for most of that time. She discovered that specific strains of cannabis were of great help but others didn’t do much good or had unwanted side effects. Her goal was to be able to control both the dosage and the effects of cannabis administration, in a time where both were commonly left to chance. When we started the company in 2014, the goal was to provide the same custom-tailored edibles experience to Oregon medical market. They transitioned to the adult use market in 2016 and were one of the first edibles processors licensed in Oregon. Katie’s college friend Veronica joined the team in 2016 as well, bringing her legal and regulatory experience to the company.

Our CEO and Founder, Katie, is also a Chinese herbalist.  She maintains an acupuncture and herbal medicine practice in Portland that she’s had since 2010. She created the formula for Rescue Rub based on a topical herbal combination for blunt force trauma and inflammation that was written more than 2,000 years ago.  She used it in her practice to treat arthritis and muscle pain, then when Peak was formed she modified the formula by adding cannabis oil.  We have reports of it helping with everything from neuropathy to muscle strains to healing tattoos.  The other herbs in the formula synergize with the THC, a known analgesic, and create a stronger topical that is absorbed faster into the tissues.  It takes about 5 minutes to take effect and lasts about 4 hours.  We’ve found it to be invaluable for people who need pain relief but are worried about psychoactive effects.

Tee CorleyTee CorleyMarch 23, 2020


Company: Harbor Hemp Company


What Makes This Brand Unique: Harbor Hemp Company runs the gamut of CBD personal care products. Unwilling to stop at creating a powerful, lab-tested CBD tincture, this Connecticut-based hemp brand has created potent products for your mind, body, and even pets.

Harbor Hemp Company is a family-run health and wellness brand. Their hemp comes from farmers in the US and is processed and developed at their licensed and Good Manufacturing Process certified facility in Connecticut. They take special care to omit GMOs and pesticides. Each batch is lab-tested and results are posted on their website.

We sampled four products from Harbor Hemp Company. Each package, aside from the lotion, came in amber glass or plastic containers. The brand’s elegant logo, a two-tone blue lighthouse accompanied with red text, stands out against the semi-gloss label. This design explodes reminiscences of New England, the birthplace of the USA. The message that they use only home-grown hemp is immediately clear. Each product maintains the branding, giving a professional first impression.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg) Review

In a dark amber bottle equipped with a measured dropper, this full-spectrum CBD oil meets the minimum requirements for a high-quality package.

A single dose (1ml) of Harbor Hemp’s CBD oil delivers an impressive 17mg of CBD. The CBD is delivered via fractionated coconut oil, also called MCT oil, which has health benefits of its own. The CBD itself is derived from the aerial parts of the hemp plant, making it a full spectrum. It has less than 0.3% THC, meaning it won’t get you high. It does, however, contain terpenes, flavonoids, and other important compounds that help deliver CBD effectively to achieve the desired results.

The texture of this CBD oil is particularly gooey. The oil used seems to be slightly thicker than other tinctures we’ve sampled. However, this could mean that the oil lingers longer under your tongue for maximum effects.

The taste is mild. This unflavored CBD oil is perfect for people who dislike the overwhelming taste of hemp, but don’t want to consume artificial flavors with their wellness products. Upon dosing, there is a slight taste of hemp, but it doesn’t stick around for hours like many other CBD products.

We certainly achieved the desired effects of CBD from this tincture. Taken once or twice per day, this tincture induced a calming effect, taking the stress out of daily work. It allowed us to sleep well through the night and wake up refreshed. Because lab testing is so important to this company, we could trust that we were getting an accurate dose of CBD without the mild high that too much THC can bring.

CBD Infused Massage Oil Review

This product has quickly become our favorite topical CBD product. With 1000mg of CBD in an 8oz bottle, you’re sure to get plenty of use out of this massage oil.

The scent will hit your senses first. Containing the natural aromas of lavender oil and lemon oil, we can’t get over how refreshing yet relaxing this product is. In fact, lavender is clinically shown to reduce anxiety, while citrus is known for its energizing effect. To put it simply, this stuff smells fantastic!

Remember that gooey feeling we mentioned in regards to MCT oil? It’s that ingredient in this product that makes this body oil so effective for massage. One application will allow a solid 20-30 minute smooth massage without needing to reapply repeatedly. And it feels incredible.

Hemp Harbor did not neglect to consider the health of your skin when crafting this massage oil. Skin-hydrating apricot kernel oil, fast-absorbing jojoba oil, and nourishing vitamin E oil protect your skin while encouraging healing of the skin barrier.

Honestly, we’ve been using this product as an after-shower oil. It’s calming, nourishing, hydrating, and doubles as an all-natural, healthful perfume. While it’s amazing as a massage oil, it’s truly an all-around excellent body oil.

It’s not recommended for use on the face, and that’s for good reason. Coconut oil is comedogenic, meaning it clogs pores. While it’s incredibly nourishing on the rest of your body, avoid using it on your face.

Full Spectrum CBD Softgels Review

Calling all CBD users who hate the taste and feeling of sublingual tinctures! Here’s your saving grace.

We were skeptical at first. After all, there is some debate as to whether or not CBD can be ingested orally and be effective (read about CBD beverages and nanotech here). However, that may account for the high dose of 30mg of CBD per softgel.

After trying the softgels without a dose of tincture for a week, however, we were swayed. From our experience, it would seem that ingested CBD in a softgel provides the same effects over a longer period of time.

Unlike using a sublingual tincture whose effects you can feel in minutes, the softgels’ effects weren’t noticeable until about an hour after taking them. We found the slow onset quite nice, and easy to add to our routine of taking a daily vitamin.

There’s also something to be said for the aesthetic of the softgel. The softgels come in a dark amber container, and the gels look like small amber or brown glass beads. The small oval softgels are clearly expertly crafted. Made of gelatin and glycerin, they are sweet and easy to swallow.

Best of all, you can easily take them with you. If discretion is an important part of your CBD regimen, you’ll be glad to know these look any other softgel supplement. They have no hemp scent or flavor.

Zero THC CBD Pain Cream Review

Harbor Hemp’s Zero THC CBD Pain Cream may be helpful for those with arthritis, or pain and inflammation due to sports. It comes in a discreet, travel-size bottle that easily dispenses a single dose with a push of the pump.

We found this lotion slide on easily. However, it feels slightly greasy and takes some massaging to rub in. After some rubbing, you can be sure your skin will feel hydrated.

Instead of using chemicals to induce a feeling of cold and heat, this pain cream uses naturally sourced eucalyptus oil, menthol, black pepper oil, and turmeric extract. This combination provides the same numbing and tingling effect without harmful chemicals. Instead, these ingredients are mixed in with nourishing vitamin E oil, aloe powder, squalene oil, and hyaluronic acid.

Overall, we found the tingling sensation enough to distract from internal pain. This combination of ingredients protects your skin’s natural barrier while encouraging your body’s natural healing processes. Menthol and eucalyptus oil stimulates blood flow to the affected area while CBD reduces inflammation.

Tee CorleyTee CorleyMarch 9, 2020


Company: The Good Stuff Botanicals

Product: Gypsy Cream Hemp Seed Oil & Mineral Water Healing Moisturizer

Price: $29.99

What Makes This Product Unique: The Good Stuff Botanicals doesn’t just claim to be committed to using pure plant-based ingredients. They do it with full transparency. Their products are organic, cruelty-free, and fair trade.

Their best selling product, Gypsy Cream Moisturizer, is a humble blend of simple, pure ingredients. Originally designed to treat psoriasis, The Good Stuff Botanicals has found its hydrating cream used as a daily moisturizer for people with all skin types.

This product’s main ingredient is organic raw hemp seed oil, which nourishes skin by creating a protective coating and delivering omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. While people with oily skin may want to steer clear of oils, rest assured that hemp seed oil ranks a 0 on the comedogenic scale, meaning it won’t clog pores.

Mineral water sourced from springs in Montana provides vital nutrients and hydration, while organic and fair trade raw organic shea butter comes from a women’s group in Ghana. Shea butter gives this product its luxurious whipped feel and is also non-comedogenic.

Wrapping up the ingredients list is organically farmed aloe vera and organic beeswax to seal in moisture.

With only 5 ingredients, this twist on a traditional Romanian recipe is gentle, nourishing, and moisturizing. In fact, some doctors in NICUs have replaced steroid creams with Gypsy Cream for use on diaper rash.

Review: We sampled The Good Stuff Botanicals’ simply crafted Gypsy Cream Hemp Seed Oil & Mineral Water Healing Moisturizer. The 4oz glass jar let the natural spring green color of this hemp-based product shine through. The matte white paper label on the front of the jar uses elegant black and green lettering that states the brand and product name, with a green bar along the bottom stating, “Rawganic Skincare: Pure, Raw from Nature.” On the back, you’ll find the ingredients list that emphasizes ingredient sourcing and their status as organic and raw.

Many of these terms, such as organic and raw, have no official meaning when it comes to FDA regulation. In general, they should be regarded as marketing terms. However, Gypsy Cream the care that The Good Stuff Botanicals takes to source ingredients leads us to believe them. They elaborate on how they source ingredients on their website.

Now let’s get into the “good stuff.” We were delighted by the verdant green color of this moisturizer, especially because The Good Stuff Botanicals doesn’t use synthetic dyes. The soft green color comes naturally from organic hemp seed oil.

The texture of this cream is our favorite part. The cream feels like it has a slight grit on the first contact but quickly smooths into a gentle liquid on application. This grit-to-moisture transformation is strangely satisfying. It’s as if you can instantly feel the cream softening and hydrating your skin.

This moisturizer feels weightless, with no slimy, greasy feeling. Shea butter absorbs quickly into the skin. You may notice a slight shine, most likely due to the hemp seed oil, but we found a little extra massaging helps the oil absorb.

The label says, “A little goes a long way,” and reiterates this sentiment on their website. We agree! A pea-sized dollop could cover your whole face, neck, and shoulders. You’ll notice if you use too much by the green and yellow streaks it will leave behind. However, rubbing it in a little more thoroughly makes this cream’s color invisible.

We made sure to use this product for a week to ensure it didn’t cause breakouts – and we were impressed! Not only did it moisturize without resulting in acne, it softened and hydrated our skin without leaving it feeling greasy.

Our takeaway is that this hemp-based product is a winner. It’s truly gentle and effective. While other moisturizers rely on alcohol and other potentially harmful chemicals to achieve soft skin in the short term, we can see this botanical cream supporting skin health in the long term.

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