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Tee CorleyTee CorleyMarch 9, 2020


Company: The Good Stuff Botanicals

Product: Gypsy Cream Hemp Seed Oil & Mineral Water Healing Moisturizer

Price: $29.99

What Makes This Product Unique: The Good Stuff Botanicals doesn’t just claim to be committed to using pure plant-based ingredients. They do it with full transparency. Their products are organic, cruelty-free, and fair trade.

Their best selling product, Gypsy Cream Moisturizer, is a humble blend of simple, pure ingredients. Originally designed to treat psoriasis, The Good Stuff Botanicals has found its hydrating cream used as a daily moisturizer for people with all skin types.

This product’s main ingredient is organic raw hemp seed oil, which nourishes skin by creating a protective coating and delivering omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. While people with oily skin may want to steer clear of oils, rest assured that hemp seed oil ranks a 0 on the comedogenic scale, meaning it won’t clog pores.

Mineral water sourced from springs in Montana provides vital nutrients and hydration, while organic and fair trade raw organic shea butter comes from a women’s group in Ghana. Shea butter gives this product its luxurious whipped feel and is also non-comedogenic.

Wrapping up the ingredients list is organically farmed aloe vera and organic beeswax to seal in moisture.

With only 5 ingredients, this twist on a traditional Romanian recipe is gentle, nourishing, and moisturizing. In fact, some doctors in NICUs have replaced steroid creams with Gypsy Cream for use on diaper rash.

Review: We sampled The Good Stuff Botanicals’ simply crafted Gypsy Cream Hemp Seed Oil & Mineral Water Healing Moisturizer. The 4oz glass jar let the natural spring green color of this hemp-based product shine through. The matte white paper label on the front of the jar uses elegant black and green lettering that states the brand and product name, with a green bar along the bottom stating, “Rawganic Skincare: Pure, Raw from Nature.” On the back, you’ll find the ingredients list that emphasizes ingredient sourcing and their status as organic and raw.

Many of these terms, such as organic and raw, have no official meaning when it comes to FDA regulation. In general, they should be regarded as marketing terms. However, Gypsy Cream the care that The Good Stuff Botanicals takes to source ingredients leads us to believe them. They elaborate on how they source ingredients on their website.

Now let’s get into the “good stuff.” We were delighted by the verdant green color of this moisturizer, especially because The Good Stuff Botanicals doesn’t use synthetic dyes. The soft green color comes naturally from organic hemp seed oil.

The texture of this cream is our favorite part. The cream feels like it has a slight grit on the first contact but quickly smooths into a gentle liquid on application. This grit-to-moisture transformation is strangely satisfying. It’s as if you can instantly feel the cream softening and hydrating your skin.

This moisturizer feels weightless, with no slimy, greasy feeling. Shea butter absorbs quickly into the skin. You may notice a slight shine, most likely due to the hemp seed oil, but we found a little extra massaging helps the oil absorb.

The label says, “A little goes a long way,” and reiterates this sentiment on their website. We agree! A pea-sized dollop could cover your whole face, neck, and shoulders. You’ll notice if you use too much by the green and yellow streaks it will leave behind. However, rubbing it in a little more thoroughly makes this cream’s color invisible.

We made sure to use this product for a week to ensure it didn’t cause breakouts – and we were impressed! Not only did it moisturize without resulting in acne, it softened and hydrated our skin without leaving it feeling greasy.

Our takeaway is that this hemp-based product is a winner. It’s truly gentle and effective. While other moisturizers rely on alcohol and other potentially harmful chemicals to achieve soft skin in the short term, we can see this botanical cream supporting skin health in the long term.

Tee CorleyTee CorleyFebruary 7, 2020


Company: Prismatic Plants

Products: Good Day & Good Night Adaptogenic CBD Tinctures

Price: $70 each; $135 when purchased together

What Makes This Product Unique: Prismatic Plants’ mission is to combine traditional herbal medicine with the blossoming hemp market, a goal that’s both intuitive and unique. By calling on master herbalists and doctors of chemistry, Prismatic Plants has crafted their two signature CBD tinctures: Good Day and Good Night CBD and essential oil blends.

Unlike CBD tinctures that serve a single function throughout the day, Good Day and Good Night are designed to be used in conjunction.

Good Day incorporates 19mg of full spectrum hemp extract with a blend of organic schisandra berry, bacopa leaf, Asian ginseng root, rhodiola root, and holy basil leaf essential oils. The herbs in this blend are traditionally used to limit stress while boosting energy and focus. In addition to 10mg of CBD, this tincture contains 0.3mg of CBDa, which is thought to block stressors and reduce inflammation and pain.

Good Night uses 17mg of full spectrum hemp extract alongside organic reishi fruiting body, oatstraw, ashwagandha root, valerian root, California poppy, and skullcap. This herbal blend is designed to relax the mind and unwind the body. Along with 10mg of CBD, Good Night contains 0.3mg of CBN, a cannabinoid thought to induce sleep.

Review: We sampled Prismatic Plants’ thoughtfully formulated Good Day and Good Night tinctures. Stored in dark amber glass bottles, the logo and ingredients labels are printed in white directly onto the bottle. The text is well designed and easy to read, giving this company a professional first impression.

We appreciated how upfront Prismatic Plants is with their ingredients list. All ingredients are listed clearly so there’s no question about what you’re getting. In fact, if you want more depth, you can visit their website to get a full readout of each ingredient with scientific research articles posted as evidence.

Prismatic Plants also takes the utmost care when sourcing their herbs. All herbs are organically and sustainably sourced. With so many questionable tinctures on the market, we found the quality of this research and effort refreshing.

Both of these oils are carried in hemp oil, but lack the strong hemp flavor. Because they contain a mixture of organic herbs, both tinctures are more aromatic and floral than your run of the mill CBD oil.

However, both tinctures have a bit of a bite. Good Day, in particular, was slightly bitter, tasting like raw basil. Good Night has a gentler flavor reminiscent of wildflowers with earthy undertones. They taste like condensed herbal tea. Neither flavor lingered for longer than 10 minutes, however. The taste may simply be a testament to the strength of the all natural, organic ingredients.

We took 1ml (1 dropperful) of Good Day around noon and felt its effects within minutes. Any stress or anxiety seemed to be washed away. We were left with a calm and peaceful state of mind, and a higher awareness of the sights and sounds in the moment. Because Good Day is designed to increase energy, we didn’t get that sleepy feeling that sometimes comes with CBD products.

At bedtime, we took 1ml (1 dropperful) of Good Night. As a mild relaxant and stress reliever, we found the effects of this combination effective. Good Night relaxed us into a sound sleep with no groggy feeling in the morning.

Overall, Prismatic Plants impressed us with their thorough research and creative combination of ingredients. The look and feel of the product is professional and sleek. Our only critique is the potent flavor, which isn’t long lasting.

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJanuary 27, 2020


What a fantastic time to be alive! Back in my day, your choices for consuming cannabis we’re rather limited. People were not even talking about consuming CBD yet back then.

These days we are downright spoiled when it comes to different flavors, strains, concentrates, and different devices that allow us to imbibe THC and/or CBD.

Let’s talk about one of my new favorite vaporizers and why it has impressed me so much.

-About the Airvape X-

My journey to find a vaporizer that allowed me to get solid rips led me to discover the Airvape X.

The Airvape X is awesome for a variety of reasons but one of its facets really stood out to me. The ability to vaporize various oils, concentrates and even loose leaf is very appealing. Not needing a plethora of devices is very nice.

The convection and conduction combination technology that the air vape utilizes for the heating process takes about 20 seconds. The device will vibrate after the 20 seconds are up to let you know that it is heated up to your desired temperature and then after the heating period of 2 minutes has cool down it will vibrate again to let you know that it has turned off.

The 1.3 inch LED display allows you to keep track of the temperature and the battery level. You can adjust the temperature higher or lower depending on how thick of hits you prefer.

The concentrate stone allows you to use various liquids or oil concentrates in the Airvape X. It also comes with a few different screens to use. Refill screens are available via the Airvape website.

There are cleaning tools included in the Airvape X kit when you purchase it and the design makes it fairly simple to clean and maintain.

-What I Love about the Airvape X-

No more smoking! No more ashes! No more smoke smell!

With a higher temperature setting one may receive the big, milky rips that us classic consumers have come to love. Part of what drove me away from other vaporizing devices was the fact that the device felt like it was hitting too weak for me to enjoy.

The size of the Airvape X allows it to fit very comfortably in a pocket which makes it great for travel and outdoor activities.

We have been utilizing the Airvape X for over 2 years now, every day, multiple times a day. The battery still seems to work just fine. There has been a small degree of deterioration on one of the inner seals but it has not affected the performance of the device whatsoever.

-The Downsides-

Let’s review some of the less-than-stellar aspects of the Airvape X.

The battery life can be a challenge for heavy users. You can usually get three to five bowls, depending on the temperature setting, before needing to recharge the device.

The chamber size is somewhat small, so again, heavy users might find themselves slightly displeased with this.

I’m not wild about the rubber mouthpiece they use but that is optional to take on or off, we use it without the mouthpiece.


But wait, there’s more!

This is one of my absolute favorite aspects of utilizing the Airvape X. The vaporized cannabis loose leaf is not reduced to ash as it is when you smoke it. Instead of throwing the vaporized herbs into the trash, you can save them and further extract THC from them by making homemade ganja butter with the remaining vaporized flower.

This means more bang for your buck as you are not literally burning up all of your flower and are able to double-dip, so to speak. This process allows you to maintain a consistent flow of homemade ganja butter without having to incur any additional expenditures.

It’s great with green tea and cinnamon!


The few minor flaws with the Airvape X are greatly outweighed by the many positive aspects of the vaporizer.

The change from smoking to purely vaporizing has a noticeable impact on the health of your lungs.

Strong rips, easy to clean, does not take long to charge, and we are happy campers over here.

When our own Airvape X unit dies out from our daily use then we plan to replace it with another considering how great it has been to have.

Check out this video of the Airvape being used so you can see for yourself how it works:

You can also get your own Airvape X here:




StaffStaffDecember 16, 2019


Company: Patriot Supreme

Product: Pure CBD Oil

Price: $85

What Makes This Product Unique: 

Patriot Supreme is an American made company that is dedicated to preserving the rights and freedoms that the USA holds dear. Specifically, this company helps heroes, both veterans and everyday heroes, by supplying free CBD oil through their Hero Program.

This program is unique because it is not limited to a specific type of hero. Instead, this program is a way to honor people who are viewed as a hero in the eyes of their loved ones. This person can be a parent, a grandparent, a spouse, a friend, or anyone who helps improve the lives of those around them.


Patriot Supreme is a Veteran-owned, GMO-free product that is made with American Hemp and HTC free. This product is based on quality and dedicated to helping people live their lives the way they want, with less stress and pain.

Here is my experience with Patriot Supreme Pure CBD Oil:

Package: The packaging for this product is clean, simple, and masculine in nature. The black, white and red color scheme makes it look official and intense. Although, this fits nicely with the military, and the freedom-sustaining vibe this company evokes.

The packaging is reminiscent of a vitamin supplement but it is intriguing. The downside to the product’s color choice and visual branding tactics is that women likely would not be attracted to it; at least for themselves, as it looks like a product designed for men.

Labeling: The label for this CBD oil does appear to have a lot of information about it but for the most part, that information is more branding than medicinal. The label clearly states there is 0.0% THC and that is manufactured in the USA. Although, the directions for use are extremely small, which would be a challenge for elderly users. Additionally, the Supplement Facts only contains the most basic information. One thing that stands out is judging by this bottle alone, a potential consumer would have no idea what CBD oil is used for.

However, the ingredients are labeled, so people can check the list against any allergy concerns they might have. (Yet, you might need a magnifying glass to do it.)

Texture: The texture is a little denser than water, but not too thick. It is easy to consume and leaves a citrusy aftertaste. After initially putting it under your tongue, there is a little bit of an oily texture but that will go away within a few minutes or almost immediately after having a swig of water.

Smell: The scent of this CBD oil is musky, with a bold orange flair. The smell definitely boasts the oil’s robust nature. Yet, even with the citrus, the scent matches the packaging, with more of a masculine presentation.

Taste: This CBD oil does have a nice hint of citrus to help overpower the slightly slimy, oily taste that is inherent with any CBD oil. This definitely helps the experience.

 Efficacy: This is a very effective product. I used this product to reduce inflammation in my wrists (from Carpel Tunnel) and in my back. Within a week of taking this CBD Oil twice per day, I noticed a difference in my level of discomfort. Plus, if taken before bed, it helps improve the quality of sleep I receive.

I definitely recommend this product.

Product Review by Colette Tozer 

Tee CorleyTee CorleyNovember 26, 2019


Company: RAD Extracts

Product: Chocolate Mint Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in MCT Oil

Price: Prices Vary (Reseller Product)

What Makes This Product Unique: Based out of Colorado, RAD Extracts is a leader among high CBD full-spectrum hemp extract. This product is available for white-label and private-label purchases by wholesalers, distributors, and sellers who need to purchase large quantities of hemp extract.

RAD Extracts believes that hemp extract is most beneficial when the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are working synergistically. This means you won’t find isolates here. Grown certified-organic, the hemp is cold extracted using food-grade alcohol, and 3rd party tested to ensure it is below the legal limit of THC (which is 0.3% at this time). The takeaway: this product is best sold to people who want to experience the “entourage effect” of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD.

Review: We sampled RAD Extracts’ Chocolate Mint Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in MCT Oil. Stored in an amber glass bottle, the label is simple and to the point. The glossy black sticker is slightly crookedly stuck to the glass, displaying a supplement fact sheet and the classic warnings you’d see on supplements of any kind (i.e. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, etc.).

However, since RAD Extracts sells to wholesalers, you can have your company logo printed on the label. You can also choose from amber, green, or blue glass bottles. The end design is your decision.

We always like to see hemp extract carried in MCT oil. Naturally derived from coconuts, MCT oil has health benefits of its own. Known to increase metabolism and packed full of antioxidants, MCT oil is safe to consume and apply topically.

While the packaging notes that a serving size is 1ml, the short, fat dropper has no measurement marks on it. Typically, 1ml is about a dropper-full, but in this case, you’ll just have to guess.

True to RAD Extracts’ mission, the flavor of this full spectrum extract packs a strong hempy punch. The earthy hemp flavor was immediately noticeable as we dropped this oil under our tongues. However, we were pleasantly surprised as gentle chocolate notes began to arise. Queue the minty after-taste, which delightfully accented the earthy natural flavor. As you know, it’s important to keep CBD oil under your tongue for 60 – 90 seconds to get the full effect. This symphony of flavors made that easy!

Perhaps it was psychosomatic due to the rich flavors, but we noticed the relaxing effects of this full spectrum concoction within minutes. Unlike some full-spectrum CBD oils, this one kept us clear-headed and energized alongside the calming effects. It seems to be a great anxiety-reducer and perfect for twice a day dosing.


Tee CorleyTee CorleyNovember 22, 2019


Company: Bluebird Botanicals

Product: Hemp CBD Essential Lotion & Hemp CBD Sport Lotion


  • Essential: $34.96 for 3.4oz, or $59.96 for 6oz
  • Sport: $59.96 for 6oz

What Makes This Product Unique: Bluebird Botanicals strives to make a difference. With certified bioplastic recyclable packaging, certified cruelty-free testing, and a low carbon footprint, Bluebird Botanicals goes above and beyond for the environment – and does even more for their customers. In fact, this world-leading manufacturer of hemp products has assistance programs for people on long-term disability, low-income individuals, and veterans. Finally, they support and donate to over 12 non-profit organizations.

If that doesn’t instill faith that this company truly cares about its products, we don’t know what will.

Review: Moving past this do-gooder distraction, let’s talk about Bluebird Botanicals’ CBD lotions. We sampled their Hemp CBD Essential Lotion for daily use and their Hemp CBD Sport Lotion for athletes.

Our hats are off to Bluebird Botanicals’ design department. The packaging is simple yet fun. Bright green marks the Essential Lotion while a vibrant orange denotes the Sport Lotion. Elegant hemp-related icons decorate the background while bold font tells you everything you need to know about the product.

But that packaging isn’t the only difference between these two lotions.

Hemp CBD Essential Lotion is intended for daily use on dry, aged, or irritated skin. Touting vegan, non-GMO, paraben-free, and cruelty-free ingredients, this nutrient-rich emulsion contains full-spectrum hemp extract, jojoba oil, carrot extract, rosemary oil, and coconut oil. This combination is flooded with healthful omega fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins. Importantly, there are no harmful chemicals, like SLS, or synthetic fragrances added.

Traditional lotions add chemicals and alcohol to make them feel light and weightless. These additives may feel good at first, but they dry out your skin in the long run. On the other hand, the Essential Lotion went on unusually thick. It required about 30 seconds of massaging before it sank in and lost visibility. However, we felt moisturized for the rest of the day. The earthy scent of hemp is a strong musk that overwhelmed the natural aromas of the other ingredients.

Hemp CBD Sport Lotion is designed to soothe inflammation with warming and cooling sensations. Like the Essential Lotion, Bluebird’s Sport Lotion is vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free. The full-spectrum hemp extract contains over 100 cannabinoids, including CBD. Added to this lotion are antioxidant-rich ginger, arnica and corn mint, jojoba, and coconut oil.

The Sport Lotion has a minty-fresh scent, though not as overwhelming as you’d find with products like Bengay. The cooling effect is also milder. We did not notice a warming effect with this lotion. Like the Essential Lotion, this product goes on thick and requires some massaging before the yellow-green streaks fully disappear. It is equally as effective, however, as we felt our skin was sufficiently and safely moisturized and nourished.

Tee CorleyTee CorleyNovember 12, 2019


Company: Hudson Hemp

Product: MCT Oil

What Makes This Product Unique: Hudson Valley Hemp puts a special emphasis on regenerative organic farming – meaning not only do they practice organic farming, but they use methods that revitalize the soil throughout the process. Their overall goal is to go beyond sustainability by making efforts to replenish ecosystems. They operate on the belief that regenerative hemp growing practices will ultimately result in increased biodiversity and reduce social injustice. If that’s a stance you can get behind, keep reading.

Review: As seems to be the company’s motto, Hudson Hemp keeps it simple from seed to packaging. With the typical hemp-textured green-grey label, they provide little information and even less creative design. Perhaps they’re trying to send a message, but as a consumer, I’d like to know more about what I’m getting.

But let’s not judge an oil by its bottle. MCT oil is an excellent carrier oil derived from coconuts. Naturally nutritious, MCT oil, which stands for medium-chain triglycerides, is a healthy fatty acid missing from many Western diets. It can be used as a stand-alone weight loss supplement as it increases the metabolism and has thermogenic effects in the liver. Or, it can be mixed with CBD oil to apply to topically, or even cook and eat, as it has a high smoke point.

Despite the underwhelming packaging presented by Hudson Hemp, the MCT oil full spectrum hemp extract did not disappoint. An orb-tipped dropper made the 18 drop serving size easy to measure, delivering 10mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. The texture of the oil was thin with very slight viscosity. Unlike some MCT oils, it lacked any potent coconut scent, making it easy to add to my morning tea.

The hemp extract also lacked any noticeable flavor. Made from the aerial parts of the plant (think stems and leaves), full-spectrum hemp includes everything but the THC. I noticed a reduction in caffeine-related anxiety and jitters. 

Using it as an herbal and weight loss supplement, I did notice a reduced appetite and a bout of increased energy. I make sure to use it every morning before I eat for maximum metabolism-boosting effects.

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