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January 28, 2022 ADVERTISE

Hemp Companies Step Up To Help During Pandemic

Medical marijuana dispensaries are mostly allowed to stay open and tend to patients during the COVID-19 crisis. CBD brands are also stepping up to do their part during the pandemic. Here’s what a group of CBD companies are doing to help:

Cloudious9 will be making a large donation of infrared thermometers to the San Francisco Bay Area Emergency Services, who hasn’t been able to get these thermometers since January.

“Designing and manufacturing innovative hardware devices for the cannabis industry requires extensive knowledge and the ability to navigate the complex Chinese marketplace, where most of the global supply chain is located.  Our CEO, Richard Huang, has spent most of his career building a large non cannabis international trade and domestic B2C fulfillment business bringing a large number of products to the U.S. market. Those connections and experience have allowed us to source a number of critical medical supplies that front responders need, that they have been unable to get through their normal procurement channels.  

We’re already in the process of donating a large number of Infrared Thermometers to local San Francisco Bay Area first responders, with delivery expected next week.  These Infrared Thermometers will allow the local agencies the ability to keep their department safe by minimizing any potential exposure between members of the department, as well exposure to the public.  We’re also currently engaged with a number of local and state agencies across the country trying to assist with their procurement of critical medical supplies. — Dominick Volpini, Vice President, Cloudious9 

Moxie is currently formulating hand sanitizer to donate to hospitals & community members. Once they obtain packaging, all customers will receive hand sanitizers when ordering with their home delivery service.   

“We are currently witnessing a societal shift where necessary supplies such as hand sanitizer aren’t prevalent enough to keep up with the demand. We know a limited number of places can manufacture hand sanitizer and since we are one of those places, we believe it is our civic duty to step up and help. We are all in this together.” — Tessa Adams, Head of Marketing, Moxie

Bluebird Botanicals has a pre-existing assistance program to offer discounts to veterans, teachers, students, civil servants, low-income families, and those with long-term disabilities. They have expanded this assistance program to offer savings to those who are experiencing financial hardships to do Coronavirus. This would include a 30% discount (excluding bulk and wholesale orders).  

“Earlier this month, Bluebird implemented a temporary assistance program in which customers economically affected by the pandemic could apply to receive a 30% discount off our products. We’ve now recognized that truly everyone has been impacted by this crisis – whether directly or indirectly – which is why we’ve replaced our assistance program with a storewide 30% off sale for the month of April. Or while supplies last. We’re still manufacturing our products but demand is surprisingly increasing during this time. Compassion is at the core of who we are as a company and our duty to support community members in need is now more urgent than ever. We sincerely hope that this discount will help anyone in need of CBD in these weird times.” — Michael Harinen, Chief Brand Officer, Bluebird Botanicals

Solaris Farms is selling its bulk cannabis at a discount to dispensaries to make sure they can continue operating. Right now, discounts are around 20% and they are considering a higher discount if needed. 

“Although our first priority is to the safety of our employees and doing our part to slow the spread of the virus by adhering to even stricter anti-microbial protocols, we have recently partnered with the Holistically Positive Product Give administered by the Ogden Foundation to support patients that cannot afford their medicines through the Community Outreach Medical Center.” — Michael Sassano, CEO, Solaris Farms

Moon Mother Hemp has free shipping to all customers and created a plan for weekly sales over the next 6 weeks. They will also be creating engaging content for their customers in order to foster authentic connections with their community. Moon Mother Hemp will also be offering financial assistance for those who qualify. 

“During this time of uncertainty, people are turning towards CBD for wellness support. To ensure our community is well cared for, we’re doing our best to serve in the ways that we know how: fostering authentic connections and ensuring access to the supplements customers need when they need them.”  — Tori Rerick, Director of Public Relations, Moon Mother Hemp

Manna Molecular CBD is offering a 15% off discount on their web store using the code “GlovesOff”. They manufacture Vella, a scientifically-backed, sexual wellness product for anyone with a vagina. It is a topical serum that is 100% condom compatible and paraben-free. 

“Vella will help couples stay intimate while under the numerous shelter-in-place orders, and women without partners will be just as satisfied at home by themselves–no reason to be lonely or down. Sex and masturbation is recession proof and a good postive mood-boosting activity to do when “Netflix and chill” or being home alone for extended periods of time are your options. That’s really all we can do for now is try to stimulate life and verve in a quarantine.” — Nial DeMena, President & CEO, Manna Molecular

Dr. Dabber— In an effort to boost morale, Dr. Dabber recently ran a giveaway for one of their limited edition products that sold out. Dr. Dabber understands money is tight right now, so they sent out an eblast with a discount code exclusive to their subscribers, valid for the entire month, thanking them for their continued support.

“We understand the importance of giving back right now. It’s great to see the community coming together and businesses helping how they can.” — Jamie Rosen: CEO & Founder of Dr. Dabber

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