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April 5, 2020 CONTACT

Leafreport Issues New CBD Consumer Guide

A new consumer guide released by compared over 3,500 CBD (cannabidiol) products — including tinctures, gummies, capsules, pet treats, topicals, isolates, vaporizers, and bundles — from more than 53 brands. The company’s purpose was to help consumers figure out their best choices when trying to make a purchase decision. This consumer guideline looks at quantity, potency, and prices of various CBD products.

It takes this a step further by then reviewing the prices in US dollars per mg of CBD and creating a 3-category price index. These were labeled “Bargain”, “Market” and “Pricey.” There was a 1,000% price discrepancy between the least and most expensive brands with the average price per mg of CBD coming in at $0.12. 


The least expensive brand was Plain Jane, with an average cost of $0.03/mg CBD. Leafreport said that “The company is not USDA certified and it is not clear what extraction method they use.” The most expensive brand was Diamond CBD, with a cost of $0.32 price per mg CBD, significantly higher prices in the lower potency tinctures. Leafreport also wrote that Diamond CBD was not USDA certified and uses CO2 extraction methods. 

The most common potency for tinctures that the guide found was 33.33 mg of CBD per mL. The lowest potency was  Diamond CBD at 0.83 mg/mL. Each 30mL bottle contains 24.9mg (~25mg) and costs $19.99, coming out to $0.8 per mg of CBD. The highest potency came from Medical Marijuana with its Maximum Strength 10g CBD Hemp Oil at 450mg/mL. 

Leafreport said, “There is a huge variation in price and often in potency with tinctures and with any CBD liquids. In general, companies that produce higher-quality CBD are often more expensive, but as this report shows, this is not always the case.”


Gummies are slower to digest than tinctures, but the effects last longer. The average price for a CBD gummy product was $39 and the price discrepancy between the least and most expensive brands was 300%. The report determined that the average price per mg of CBD was $0.14. 

The least expensive brand was CBDIstillery, with an average cost of $0.07 per mg CBD. The company is not USDA certified and uses CO2 extraction. Followed by JustCBD, with an average cost of $0.07 per mg CBD. JustCBD is not USDA certified and uses CO2 extraction. 

The most expensive brand was luxury label Lord Jones, whose price of $0.28 per mg CBD  lived up to the premium brand style. Leafreport said that it does not have USDA certification. The manufacturer’s website provided no information on the extraction method used. 

When it came to potency, the report wrote that “most gummies jars/boxes contain around a total of 300 mg CBD. Individual items vary based on shapes and sizes in the package.” Green Roads sold the lowest potency with 25mg found in each CBD Froggie SOURZ and JustCBD offered CBD gummies in jars that have a total of 3000 mg of CBD per item.

More CBD Products Listed

The report went on to cover CBD for Pets, capsules, topicals, vapes & liquids and isolates in the same manner. In addition, Leafreport looked at bundle pricing and discount options. The report did note that pricing could be affected by several factors. It said, “Achieving certified organic status is neither easy nor cheap. It can be an expensive, years-long process. Some companies, like Charlotte’s Web, have been farming organically for years while others are completely new to the organic world. In some states, there is no provision for certifying industrial hemp as organic. Lazarus Natural’s in Oregon, for instance, grows their products organically, follows the rules of the Oregon Farm Bureau, but still doesn’t provide organic certification.”

It also added that not all extraction methods cost the same. “Most companies rely on either a traditional ethanol extraction or the newer and more expensive CO2 extraction method. Some companies use a combination of both.”

And finally, it noted that “some companies utilize 3rd party testing. While this gives consumers the ability to know what they are getting, it can ultimately be an expensive addition.”


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