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June 9, 2021 ADVERTISE

Product Review: Blue Forest Farms

Company: Blue Forest Farms


What Makes This Brand Unique: Blue Forest Farms, which refers lovingly to itself as BFF, is a CBD focused wellness brand based out of Colorado. Not sounding so unique yet?

Get this: each of BFF’s products is colored and numbered to signal a spot on the spectrum between CBD isolate (#1) to whole plant extract (#5). With this unique system, customers know what type of CBD is used in each formula at a glance. Furthermore, users can be sure to find a CBD product that suits almost every ailment they encounter in daily life.


Blue Forest Farms sits on 200 acres of premium land in Longmont, Colorado. The brand’s manufacturing process is one of transparency and third party lab testing. Ultimately, this brand strives for excellence in the hemp industry, and so far, so good.

Coast to Coast Relief Lotion (1000mg/4oz) Review

The very first ingredient in BFF’s Coast to Coast lotion is whole plant hemp extract, making it a #5. This non-GMO, lab tested, organic hemp has been suggested to reduce inflammation and relieve muscle aches.


However, the best aspect of this soothing lotion in our view is that it feels instantly moisturizing. The formula, crafted with nourishing coconut oil derivatives and moisturizing glycerin, goes on smooth without any sticky residue left over.


The aromatherapeutic blend of invigorating essential oils, including lemon peel, is subtle enough to be quite enjoyable, but strong enough to replace your scented body mist.


Our verdict: This is an excellent lotion by any lotion’s standards, and the addition of whole plant hemp extract is a welcome dose of relief.

Broadway Balm (400mg/2oz) Review

The second item we reviewed is rated #2; the Broadway Balm is broad spectrum, but completely THC-free. In other words, you get more endocannabinoids than with a CBD isolate, but never have to worry about passing a drug test (if that’s a concern in your state).


An irresistible cocktail of moisturizing coconut oil, broad spectrum CBD, skin-protecting beeswax, and a pleasant minty smell, this balm has become our new go-to for sore joints and dry, cracked skin.


Our verdict: This balm has everything you’d want in a muscle rub – and nothing you don’t.

Inspire Lemon CBDv Drops (600mg/30ml) Review

Lemon lovers, look out! Arguably the best tasting CBD tincture we’ve enjoyed yet, this zesty #4 (CBDv) is an advanced formula designed to help you experience a boost of energy, focus, or even as a natural appetite suppressant.


Enjoy all the terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential fatty acids and nutrients you’ve come to expect from premium CBD brands one dropper-full at a time. 


Our verdict: These absolutely delicious drops are a splendid way to start your day.

Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Soft Gels (750mg/30ct) Review

Soft gels are the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t like even a hint of hempy flavor in their CBD products. The robust, deep amber softgels are concocted with CBD formula #5, aka the tree of life, aka full spectrum whole plant CBD. That means you get the complete entourage effect of all the cannabinoids, which join forces, so to speak, to improve the calming effects of hemp.


Our verdict: We’d choose these softgels for bedtime, long road trips, and stressful situations.

Organic CBD Face Serum (300mg/2oz) Review

Numero uno means: CBD isolate. This face serum is rated a #1 because it contains only pure CBD without any additional cannabinoids, least of all THC.


But what makes this CBD face serum extra special is the entirety of the thoughtful formula. With a non-comedogenic (not pore clogging) base carrier oil, namely jojoba oil, and additional anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, frankincense, and myrrh, there’s no doubt that BFF’s face serum just added itself to our morning and nightly skincare routines.


Our verdict: For those who enjoy an earthy fragrance, this skin-protecting face serum will help you get back to your natural roots.

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