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Product Review: Canna River

Canna River, a CBD company based in Thousand Oaks, California, is making a reputation for its focus on high-quality CBD products at the lowest possible price. Using lab-tested CBD made solely from hemp grown in the USA, Canna River offers tinctures, body lotion, balms, and pre-rolls, with more products currently in development. 

The CBD tincture I sampled was a 2.02 ounce bottle containing 5000 milligrams of CBD (85 milligrams per dose). The ingredients include organic MCT oil, full-spectrum hemp extract, and natural terpenes. “Flavor” (which the website further defines as “food-grade flavor extract”) and sucralose complete the ingredient list, but I am not clear on what value these add to the product, as it tastes much the same as other MCT-based oils I have tried that lack those additives. 

This is the highest potency CBD product I have sampled to date, and I was pleasantly surprised by the fast-acting effects and the reasonable price point at $100 per bottle. I am a historically bad sleeper and have tried everything from Tylenol PM to shamanic drumming tracks to self-medicate. I even participated in a sleep study at the University of Virginia that involved cognitive behavioral therapy and wearing a tracking device on my wrist. It worked for a while until I forgot all of the behaviors I learned and backslid into insomnia once again. 

I am fairly sensitive to herbs of all varieties and CBD in particular, so I made sure not to take Canna River’s 5000mg formula until I was safely tucked into bed with my overdue library book. I dosed myself with 85mg (or one dropperful), which I allowed to sit under my tongue for thirty seconds before swallowing as directed. Within twenty-five minutes, I found myself fighting to keep my eyes open before remembering that allowing them to close was the whole point. The next thing I knew, it was morning. I felt rested, and the chronic neck stiffness that I’ve been experiencing as the result of an overly enthusiastic foray into online Pilates classes was noticeably absent. 

I’ve continued to use Canna River at the same dose, with similar results. It does not hit me like a ton of bricks, despite the high potency, nor do I experience any sluggishness in the morning upon waking. I intend to continue enjoying Canna River CBD tincture down to the very last drop, as well as a better night’s rest than I’ve experienced since the Obama administration. 

Julie Aitcheson

Julie Aitcheson

Julie Aitcheson is a freelance writer who has had articles published in Echo Quarterly, Communities Magazine (formerly Talking Leaves Magazine), Isabella, and All Things Girl. She received a full fellowship to the 2013 Stowe StoryLabs and won second place in the 2014 San Miguel Writers’ Conference nonfiction writing competition. She has published two young adult novels and is currently at work on her next book.

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