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January 29, 2022 ADVERTISE

Product Review: Paw CBD

Company: Paw CBD




What Makes This Brand Unique: It’s no secret that CBD oil offers relaxation, stress-relief, and pain-relief in humans. But if you’re like us, you’re probably wondering about the benefits and options of CBD products for your furry friends.

Leading the pack is Paw CBD, a pet-centered off-shoot of the hugely popular brand CBDmd. Inspired by the results CBD has on people, Paw CBD blossomed into a resource for pet owners with hyper, anxious, and arthritic animals.

Using only USA-grown, broad-spectrum, third party tested, ISO-certified hemp, Paw CBD is doing more than repackaging CBD oil for fur babies. Their lines of THC-free CBD pet products are veterinarian-formulated and expertly designed to entice and soothe your pet.

Choose from a wide variety of strengths, formulae, and flavors devoid of artificial ingredients and low-quality fillers to ensure the best results for your pet.

Paw CBD kindly sent us two samples: baked cheese CBD dog treats and CBD soft chews for cats in chicken and catnip flavor. Here are our thoughts.

CBD Soft Chews for Cats: Chicken and Catnip (2mg/piece)

These CBD soft chews for cats came in an easy-to-open small round tub. They come in two doses, and I was sent the 300mg per container strength.

As I unpacked the sample box, the mild scent of catnip and chicken woke the monsters from their slumber. My two girls, a calico queen named Boudica and a frumpy brown goofball called Pooka, were immediately intrigued.

Being in their early years, I don’t normally use CBD with my cats. However, Boudica gets anxious when the neighbors upstairs stomp around, and Pooka will continue being hyperactive even after she’s played so much that she’s panting like a dog. So with Paw CBD and my vet’s assurance that small doses of CBD are safe for cats, I figured I’d give it a shot.

As I opened the tub, I found small beige cylinders of soft chicken and catnip deliciousness. Pooka, being food motivated and (kinda) trained, quickly sat for her treat, eyes wide and eager. Unfortunately, grumpy Boudica tends to have a violent reaction to catnip and started swatting at Pooka. Boudica, a very picky eater, licked her treat, but was getting so aggressive defending it from Pooka that I removed her from the room.

Pooka gobbled up her treat quickly. She was still playful and did not appear to be experiencing any ill effect. At the end of her laser pointer session, she cuddled up with me on the couch and purred until she fell asleep. She seemed to be enjoying a sense of calm and increased well-being.


The takeaway: All pets are different! Reassured that these CBD soft treats were safe and specially formulated for cats, I let my two fluff-balls have a treat each. Boudica reacted strongly to the catnip and did not get to experience the CBD at all. Notably, she’s very picky. In the future, I will try giving her a drop of Paw CBD’s natural CBD oil tincture for cats in her food. Pooka, on the other hand, absolutely loved the chicken and catnip flavor and prefers being rewarded with treats. She had a positive, playful, and relaxing experience with these CBD softchews. In other words, Paw CBD has options for every cat.

Baked Cheese CBD Dog Treats (10mg/piece)

While I don’t have a dog, when I received these treats, I immediately knew whose dogs I could test them on.

My friend has two wild pitbulls named Gus and Piglet. Gus is old and arthritic. He is clearly in pain jumping on the couch to hang out with me. He’s also been known to threaten strangers with a bark or nip. Piglet, on the other hand, is young and crazy. She’s not exactly aggressive, except when it comes to love. She loves to jump on and French kiss unwilling guests.

After reading Paw CBD’s information about CBD benefits for pets, I was curious to see if these CBD dog treats would help Gus with his aggression and chronic pain, and Piglet with her hyperactivity.

The sound and look of the packaging opening quickly alerted these guard dogs. Honestly, these baked cheese treats look and smell a lot like Cheeze-Its. Yum! With human-grade ingredients, I was tempted to try one, but being in the public eye, I refrained.

Instead, I gave each dog two pieces in accordance with guidelines provided about how much CBD to give dogs based on their body weight. Both dogs clearly loved the taste and continued to beg for more (and I made two best friends!).

It’s hard to say whether Piglet’s calm, loving demeanor that night was due to the CBD or the fact I’d given her tasty treats, but I was surprised to actually get through a whole movie without my friend yelling, “Piglet! Down!” every few minutes.

Gus, a bit of a potato already, settled in on the couch with me, too. This is common for the old man, but what surprised me was that while I idly petted him, he rolled over. For the first time since I met him, he was asking me for belly rubs. He’s not very affectionate normally, so I was quite touched. And I believe his ability to do that, that increased mobility, was thanks to the pain relief provided by the CBD treats.


The takeaway: CBD treats appear to be effective in managing hyperactivity, chronic pain and inflammation, and aggression to some degree in dogs. Every dog is different and has different needs. But a naturally delicious treat with CBD seems to improve the well-being of the dog, regardless of his or her ailments. Always check with your veterinarian before adding a new supplement to your pets’ diet.

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