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March 1, 2021 ADVERTISE

Product Review: Prismatic Plants

Company: Prismatic Plants

Products: Good Day & Good Night Adaptogenic CBD Tinctures

Price: $70 each; $135 when purchased together

What Makes This Product Unique: Prismatic Plants’ mission is to combine traditional herbal medicine with the blossoming hemp market, a goal that’s both intuitive and unique. By calling on master herbalists and doctors of chemistry, Prismatic Plants has crafted their two signature CBD tinctures: Good Day and Good Night CBD and essential oil blends.

Unlike CBD tinctures that serve a single function throughout the day, Good Day and Good Night are designed to be used in conjunction.

Good Day incorporates 19mg of full spectrum hemp extract with a blend of organic schisandra berry, bacopa leaf, Asian ginseng root, rhodiola root, and holy basil leaf essential oils. The herbs in this blend are traditionally used to limit stress while boosting energy and focus. In addition to 10mg of CBD, this tincture contains 0.3mg of CBDa, which is thought to block stressors and reduce inflammation and pain.

Good Night uses 17mg of full spectrum hemp extract alongside organic reishi fruiting body, oatstraw, ashwagandha root, valerian root, California poppy, and skullcap. This herbal blend is designed to relax the mind and unwind the body. Along with 10mg of CBD, Good Night contains 0.3mg of CBN, a cannabinoid thought to induce sleep.

Review: We sampled Prismatic Plants’ thoughtfully formulated Good Day and Good Night tinctures. Stored in dark amber glass bottles, the logo and ingredients labels are printed in white directly onto the bottle. The text is well designed and easy to read, giving this company a professional first impression.

We appreciated how upfront Prismatic Plants is with their ingredients list. All ingredients are listed clearly so there’s no question about what you’re getting. In fact, if you want more depth, you can visit their website to get a full readout of each ingredient with scientific research articles posted as evidence.

Prismatic Plants also takes the utmost care when sourcing their herbs. All herbs are organically and sustainably sourced. With so many questionable tinctures on the market, we found the quality of this research and effort refreshing.

Both of these oils are carried in hemp oil, but lack the strong hemp flavor. Because they contain a mixture of organic herbs, both tinctures are more aromatic and floral than your run of the mill CBD oil.

However, both tinctures have a bit of a bite. Good Day, in particular, was slightly bitter, tasting like raw basil. Good Night has a gentler flavor reminiscent of wildflowers with earthy undertones. They taste like condensed herbal tea. Neither flavor lingered for longer than 10 minutes, however. The taste may simply be a testament to the strength of the all natural, organic ingredients.

We took 1ml (1 dropperful) of Good Day around noon and felt its effects within minutes. Any stress or anxiety seemed to be washed away. We were left with a calm and peaceful state of mind, and a higher awareness of the sights and sounds in the moment. Because Good Day is designed to increase energy, we didn’t get that sleepy feeling that sometimes comes with CBD products.

At bedtime, we took 1ml (1 dropperful) of Good Night. As a mild relaxant and stress reliever, we found the effects of this combination effective. Good Night relaxed us into a sound sleep with no groggy feeling in the morning.

Overall, Prismatic Plants impressed us with their thorough research and creative combination of ingredients. The look and feel of the product is professional and sleek. Our only critique is the potent flavor, which isn’t long lasting.

Tee Corley

Tee Corley

"Tee Corley graduated with a degree in Humanities & Culture from Hampshire College in 2012. Since then, she's written professionally for B2B marketing agencies, online publications, and contributed articles to best-selling books. She is curious, adventurous, and ambitious. With an apparent inability to accept how people "should" behave in society, she has thru-hiked two long-distance trails and continues to travel as much as possible."

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