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January 28, 2022 ADVERTISE

Product Review: Rhythm CBD Seltzer

Company: Rhythm


What Makes This Brand Unique: Founded in San Francisco by entrepreneur and musician Ian Monat, Rhythm presents itself as a beverage experience, complete with a premium CBD seltzer for every time of day.

Crafted with US-grown broad-spectrum hemp extract, each seltzer is mixed with all-natural flavors, concentrated green tea extract in the caffeinated seltzer, melatonin in the sleepy time seltzer, and natural stimulants like turmeric and ginger for their soothing seltzer.

For us, Rhythm was an effective alternative to alcoholic beverages. A healthier way to “take a chill pill,” Rhythm leaves drinkers with a better flavor, milder effect, decreased risk for over-indulgence, and no hangover.

Rhythm Recover Lemon Ginger CBD-Infused Seltzer (15mg/seltzer) Review

We got to sample Rhythm Recover, a lemon and ginger flavored CBD-infused seltzer. Arriving in skinny, tall cans reminiscent of hard seltzers, the simple splash of color on the otherwise shiny silver can instantly made my mouth water.

With the sharp crack and sizzling sound of a freshly opened can, the refreshing lemon and ginger fragrances delighted my senses. And lo and behold, it had the flavor to match. Tangy, sweet, and fizzy, this is the perfect virgin CBD cocktail to bring on the boat or to a backyard barbeque. It’s especially refreshing after a hard workout.

With 15mg of CBD, you’d have to drink quite a bit of seltzer to have a negative experience. Instead, the perfectly dosed portions make it easy to hydrate, relax, and recover.


Check out more flavors, like Rhythm Awake Energizing Seltzer and Dream Sleepy Time Seltzer too.

Tee Corley

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