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January 28, 2022 ADVERTISE

Product Review: Rogue Origin

Company: Rogue Origin



What Makes This Brand Unique: Out of a humble plot of land in Rogue Valley, Oregon came Rogue Origin CBD Hemp. A combination of fertile soil, a conducive microclimate, and the entrepreneurial spirit of an old soul led the founders to cultivate premium quality smokable CBD flower. The team’s ultimate goal is to provide an all-natural alternative to prescription drugs, tobacco, and marijuana.

Rogue Origin is grown at the Rogue Family Farm in Southern Oregon. They specialize in high-CBD hemp flower (selling either prerolls or whole smokable flower) with excellent genetics and transparent lab tests.

These plants are grown to be rich in flavor. Rogue Origin hang-dries the full plant for a slow cure that locks in aroma and flavor while maximizing cannabinoid production. Rogue Origin grows 100% natural hemp, stating it’s always free from chemicals or additives.

A word of caution if you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes by switching to Rogue Origin’s prerolls: these pre-rolled hemp cigarettes are large, cone-shaped, and impressive. While among Rogue Origin’s stated intentions is to release tobacco smokers from nicotine addiction, these prerolled joints look just like that: joints.

This isn’t problematic for smokers in more accepting environments. However, if marijuana isn’t legal in your state, we wouldn’t recommend smoking these prerolls in public as they look and smell like marijuana cigarettes.

Hawaiian Haze Prerolls (Pack of 7)

As for Hawaiian Haze, we greatly enjoyed these oversize prerolls. Packing 13.9% of CBD, we instantly felt the impact of these smokes. One preroll burns for approximately 10 minutes, so they’re great to share with friends. There’s something nostalgic about sitting around and chatting with some pals while passing around a perfectly rolled hemp cigarette.

These prerolls burn evenly. After trying several, we have yet to find one that canoes. They’re packed with well-ground buds for the smoothest hit and the silkiest smoke. Each preroll comes with a conical filter for the perfect, coolest hit.

Hawaiian Haze has an earthy base with tropical highlights. The dichotomy of old earth and fresh fruit are analogous to the effect, which is energizing yet calming. Half a preroll seemed like more than enough to calm the body and relax the mind.

Bubba Kush x Remedy Prerolls (Pack of 7)

Classic Bubba Kush is crossed with the relaxing, floral notes of Remedy to create a fruity yet earthy taste, and a level of relaxation that lasts all day (or at least for a solid 4 hours). In uniform with the Hawaiian Haze prerolls, these prerolls are beautiful cones with a half-inch filter and a fat, evenly distributed bulk of ground flower.

Bubba Kush x Remedy smokes pack a respectable 11.6% CBD, making it a perfect way to de-stress in the afternoon. This combination won’t put you to sleep, so you can keep up with your day.

Lifter CBD Flower

Of all the CBD flower we sampled for Rogue Origin, Lifter is our favorite. Perhaps it’s the name that lifts the mood, or the high CBD content at an astounding 15%. It could even be the fact that we received a single bud that weighed an eighth of an ounce. Who are we kidding? It’s absolutely all of these reasons.

Upon opening the black, resealable bag of flower, we were instantly hit with a rush of herbal notes, like thyme and rosemary were having a party with lemon and lime.

The bud is deep green with trails of long, orange tendrils wrapping around itself. Still soft from the curing process, this bud ground up easily. Lifter allows for a slow burn thanks to its density, meaning it should last you a while.

Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

Sour Space Candy is quite the name to live up to, and unfortunately, this bud fell short. While its light green and orange buds certainly catch the eye, the aesthetic only increased our expectations.

Sour Space Candy burned excellently and was super smooth to hit. It even tasted pretty good. However, it wasn’t very sour or sweet. Any tangy notes were overshadowed by the earthy, hempy taste of the bud.

At 11.3% CBD, this is a great smoke for any time of day. It simply takes the edge off without putting you to sleep.

Bubba Kush CBD Flower

Meet Bubba Kush in its tastiest form. Rogue Origin protected all the flavor when growing this THC-light version of a classic strain.


Expect a slow burn from these big buds. With hints of purple flower, this strain packs a delicious, sweet flavor punch from a smooth, cool smoke.


Bubba Kush CBD flower is sure to bring a chill vibe and total relaxation. We like this strain right before bed because it’s low CBD content provides just enough comfort to sleep without activating your mind.

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