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Product Review: Shea Brands

Product Review: Shea Brands

Upon unboxing, I immediately took notice of this brand’s packaging. It is very unique from other CBD brands. It is full of color and beautiful design and doesn’t appeal to the sometimes default earthy look of many other CBD brands, which is a cool change of pace. Not surprisingly, Shea Brand wants to be known for their packaging and even refers to it in their Instagram bio as “artful, minimal-plastic packaging.” Artful is a great word to describe it. There are so many colors in each package, but it isn’t overwhelming. My husband says men might not be drawn to it, but that’s okay because the brand gives off a “made for women” vibe. They even carry a CBD roll-on for menstrual cramps specifically and sent a tube of it to me. 

600 mg full-spectrum oil 

This product is at the top of my list of the products from Shea Brand, with the transdermal patches coming in a close second. First of all, the packaging is amazing. The box catches your eye immediately. The color is gorgeous, it boasts a blue, almost turquoise hue. The gold lettering and gold hemp leaves add a gentle contrast to the blue without overpowering it. 

The best part though is when you open the box. The box separates into four parts (see the picture below) and each part offers education and information on the product. The box can be easily folded back together, and the innovation of it makes you want to hang onto it forever.

The taste of this oil is powerful, in all of the good ways. These are the ingredients copied directly from the website: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (Full Spectrum Hemp Extract), Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Natural Plant Terpenes, Mixed Tocopherols (palm oil-free). Notice there is no MCT oil, palm oil, or any other kind of carrier oil aside from hemp seed oil. That alone makes for a bold flavor but the natural plant terpenes and lack of additional flavoring allow for a rich and earthy hemp flavored oil. You just know the medicine you are getting is potent. 

I would definitely purchase this oil again. 

Transdermal patch

I already mentioned this product is my close-second favorite of the products from Shea Brand that I tried. Each patch dispenses 40 mg of CBD and it can be worn for up to eight hours. I had stomach cramps and I put these patches on and it soothed them for a few hours. 

The most surprising thing though was how the patches impacted my husband. He fractured his C5 vertebrae last year and uses cannabis medicinally to relieve his aches and pains in his neck. He said the patches offered him a lot of relief and he kept it on for the full eight hours. 

The one drawback of the patch was removing it. It was very sticky and hurt a bit to remove. That might just be how it has to be made though in order for the CBD to dispense properly. Either way, a small price to pay for solid relief. 

I would purchase this again. 

CBD menstrual cramp roll on

I was pregnant nearly back-to-back, so I haven’t had a cycle in about 2.5 years. But, weirdly enough, I did have some cycle-like cramps almost as soon as I got this product. I tried it and I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel much relief. That could be for a number of reasons though, I wasn’t really feeling “menstrual cramps” because I didn’t actually get my cycle. It could have been postpartum recovery or something along those lines. I did feel some relief, so I look forward to giving it a more fair shot when I actually get my cycle again. It also smelled fantastic and the oil itself applied very smoothly. It didn’t dispense too much at once either which is nice so you can control how much is coming out. 

I would likely not purchase this again, but I would recommend it to friends! 

Shea Brand CBD Athlete Roller

I used the CBD roller the day after working out on my back. It did help, but it seemed to not be for very long. I typically don’t use roll-ons though so maybe I didn’t apply enough at once. It worked well enough for me to periodically apply it again throughout the day, though. It also smells great and applies very nicely. Pressing down a little bit with the roller on your sore muscles helps kind of massage you also, which is an added benefit. 

I likely wouldn’t purchase this product again but it may work well for someone with different needs! 


Kaitlin Domangue

Kaitlin Domangue

Kaitlin is a 23-year-old wife and mom to three children. Writing has always been a passion of hers but she never dreamed she would be able to turn it into a career. She is passionate about her Christian faith, living a healthy lifestyle and sharing the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

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