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April 15, 2021 ADVERTISE

Product Review: The Clear CBD

Product Review: The Clear CBD

I received the Apothecary gift basket in the mail from The Clear CBD. From the minute you open the box, you can appreciate the time and thought that went into packaging the product. It is presented in a cute, wooden basket and it had decorative nesting for the products to rest in. In the bundle, I received a 750 mg CBD tincture, a CBD balm, chapstick, a nighttime CBD capsule with melatonin, and a daytime CBD capsule with caffeine. 

The gift basket retails at $165.92, but it looks like right now the website has it listed for $129.99.

The Tincture

The CBD oil tincture is packaged in a nice, minimalist looking box. Even with its minimal packaging, it is still really pretty. 

The oil itself is almost clear, which is usually indicative of a high-quality product. There isn’t any added flavor, so it is a mild and nutty taste that stems directly from the hemp and the MCT oil. 

The oil itself works very well. I felt very relaxed after taking it. I give my kids CBD oil as well and I definitely noticed it works for them. This is definitely my favorite product out of the entire gift basket, I was really impressed with it. 

The Chapstick

The packaging is minimal but again, very pretty. I appreciate that the lid extends all the way down the tube, unlike a lot of chapsticks where the lid unscrews only at the top. It makes the lid easier to keep track of and not a choking hazard for my children, so that is really nice.

The chapstick was really nice on the lips, but I did notice I had to frequently reapply. It has a minty taste, which is nice because it is a quick and easy way for a midday refresher. I probably wouldn’t repurchase, but then again I don’t really use chapstick anyway. 

The ingredients are really nice though if you are someone who is interested in natural ingredients only. Aside from CBD, it has coconut oil, peppermint oil, limonene (which is cool), beeswax, and unrefined organic shea butter. 

The Nighttime Capsules

I like the packaging of these capsules. I like the darkness of it so it is easy to quickly recognize which one is for nighttime. The capsules are also black which is cool. 

I personally didn’t notice much of a difference in my sleep taking these, but my husband says they are amazing and helped his sleep so much. I also wake up frequently anyway because I have a six-month old baby that still needs me in the middle of the night. They helped my husband though and that is definitely a win in my book. I’d definitely repurchase if he felt he needed them. 

The Daytime Capsules

The packaging is really nice. It is nice and airy, and the white capsules and white packaging make it easy to determine it is your daytime capsule. 

I am going to be honest – these didn’t really work for my husband and me. We don’t like to energize with caffeine anyway, so maybe that’s why. However, it may work for you. The evening capsules worked for my husband, so everyone is different.

CBD Salve

The salve is in a tin package, typical for CBD salves. 

The salve was definitely one of my husband’s favorite products. He had a severe neck injury last year and he uses CBD salves to combat his pain. He said it worked really well for him and he would definitely purchase it again. The salve contains 500 mg of CBD. 

Overall, I think the brand is really great and has a lot of awesome products. The tincture is definitely my favorite product. While some of them may have not been right for me, I am sure other people have great things to say. 


Kaitlin Domangue

Kaitlin Domangue

Kaitlin is a 23-year-old wife and mom to three children. Writing has always been a passion of hers but she never dreamed she would be able to turn it into a career. She is passionate about her Christian faith, living a healthy lifestyle and sharing the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

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