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March 5, 2021 ADVERTISE

Product Review: The Good Stuff Botanicals

Company: The Good Stuff Botanicals

Product: Gypsy Cream Hemp Seed Oil & Mineral Water Healing Moisturizer

Price: $29.99

What Makes This Product Unique: The Good Stuff Botanicals doesn’t just claim to be committed to using pure plant-based ingredients. They do it with full transparency. Their products are organic, cruelty-free, and fair trade.

Their best selling product, Gypsy Cream Moisturizer, is a humble blend of simple, pure ingredients. Originally designed to treat psoriasis, The Good Stuff Botanicals has found its hydrating cream used as a daily moisturizer for people with all skin types.

This product’s main ingredient is organic raw hemp seed oil, which nourishes skin by creating a protective coating and delivering omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. While people with oily skin may want to steer clear of oils, rest assured that hemp seed oil ranks a 0 on the comedogenic scale, meaning it won’t clog pores.

Mineral water sourced from springs in Montana provides vital nutrients and hydration, while organic and fair trade raw organic shea butter comes from a women’s group in Ghana. Shea butter gives this product its luxurious whipped feel and is also non-comedogenic.

Wrapping up the ingredients list is organically farmed aloe vera and organic beeswax to seal in moisture.

With only 5 ingredients, this twist on a traditional Romanian recipe is gentle, nourishing, and moisturizing. In fact, some doctors in NICUs have replaced steroid creams with Gypsy Cream for use on diaper rash.

Review: We sampled The Good Stuff Botanicals’ simply crafted Gypsy Cream Hemp Seed Oil & Mineral Water Healing Moisturizer. The 4oz glass jar let the natural spring green color of this hemp-based product shine through. The matte white paper label on the front of the jar uses elegant black and green lettering that states the brand and product name, with a green bar along the bottom stating, “Rawganic Skincare: Pure, Raw from Nature.” On the back, you’ll find the ingredients list that emphasizes ingredient sourcing and their status as organic and raw.

Many of these terms, such as organic and raw, have no official meaning when it comes to FDA regulation. In general, they should be regarded as marketing terms. However, Gypsy Cream the care that The Good Stuff Botanicals takes to source ingredients leads us to believe them. They elaborate on how they source ingredients on their website.

Now let’s get into the “good stuff.” We were delighted by the verdant green color of this moisturizer, especially because The Good Stuff Botanicals doesn’t use synthetic dyes. The soft green color comes naturally from organic hemp seed oil.

The texture of this cream is our favorite part. The cream feels like it has a slight grit on the first contact but quickly smooths into a gentle liquid on application. This grit-to-moisture transformation is strangely satisfying. It’s as if you can instantly feel the cream softening and hydrating your skin.

This moisturizer feels weightless, with no slimy, greasy feeling. Shea butter absorbs quickly into the skin. You may notice a slight shine, most likely due to the hemp seed oil, but we found a little extra massaging helps the oil absorb.

The label says, “A little goes a long way,” and reiterates this sentiment on their website. We agree! A pea-sized dollop could cover your whole face, neck, and shoulders. You’ll notice if you use too much by the green and yellow streaks it will leave behind. However, rubbing it in a little more thoroughly makes this cream’s color invisible.

We made sure to use this product for a week to ensure it didn’t cause breakouts – and we were impressed! Not only did it moisturize without resulting in acne, it softened and hydrated our skin without leaving it feeling greasy.

Our takeaway is that this hemp-based product is a winner. It’s truly gentle and effective. While other moisturizers rely on alcohol and other potentially harmful chemicals to achieve soft skin in the short term, we can see this botanical cream supporting skin health in the long term.

Tee Corley

Tee Corley

"Tee Corley graduated with a degree in Humanities & Culture from Hampshire College in 2012. Since then, she's written professionally for B2B marketing agencies, online publications, and contributed articles to best-selling books. She is curious, adventurous, and ambitious. With an apparent inability to accept how people "should" behave in society, she has thru-hiked two long-distance trails and continues to travel as much as possible."

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